Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is hilarious

I was just feeling sorry for myself at being stuck here and concluding that the biggest gripe I have with this nation that constantly makes my soul feel like it is shrivelling up is the lack of depth of people here- sure it is easy as hell to find people that look good but once you are trying to find intelligent and interesting and broadly informed people that can provide mental engagement or hold a conversation that is in anyway meaningful or interesting...well it feels like a very very barren place.

So anyway I found that this article seemed to confirm everything I believe- but the saddest part is I completely agree and I'm actually a local! :p

Besides the geography and weather and good produce there is actually very little redeeming about this country- another thing you need to remember is that this country hates Tall Poppies with a vengeance so you better just be average or substandard (unless it is about sport)...hmmm, if I'm gonna be stuck in the South, maybe defecting to New Zealand is not such a bad call. I personally prefer excess sheep population and empty green hills to the defects of here any day...


HappyOrganist said...

oh you know that sounds quite cynical. I expect more from you ;)
chin up ;D

zhen said...

You can talk Mrs Utah. I think You'd be even more grossed out than me!

HappyOrganist said...

yeah I used to think I wanted to know. Now I'm not so sure (definitely not so sure). Thanks for sparing your readers the details. ;/

so what are you sending me? I thought about mailing you cookies one day, but then decided you didn't really need my own vices in addition to all your own. And I'm pretty sure they have refined, sugar-filled products where you live as well. Although the ones here are pretty good.

well good luck with that.