Sunday, October 31, 2010

Name this Girl!


*LOL, so the impetus to get an English friendly name by tonight (for a laaarge gathering/conference thing) set upon me with a frenzy when I woke up this morning so I sent out the call to 10 of my closest friends that I could get in touch with by txt...sorry that doesn't include my dear blogger peeps cos the one eligible criteria to earn a vote is that you have to have met me in person to see if I "look and behave" like that name! And plus, HO when I tell you the choices (later) I am sure you would have had a vested interest to colour your vote- haha!

So anyway I've chosen three alternatives meaningful to me that I could live with and hopefully there will be a clear cut winner...if they would just all WAKE UP and reply already! LOL

I, I must come across seriously eccentric, I mean who else sends out text messages to their friends to vote on the name they will seriously use for life in such a rush of a time frame! LOL

What is the moral of this story? Do not ever give your children hard to pronounce overly foreign names that do not transfer well to other cultures and other countries!

Update...8:58am: ooh the first vote just came in...I wonder if it is prophetic!!! HOW FUN is a voting process! And the second and the third...haha I love this-it is SOOOO DEMOCRATIC!!! ;)

9:04am okay i need to haul ass for now- I will report the results(maybe) and definitely the tally tomorrow ;) wow it's gonna be hard to get used to being called something new....but a lot less confusing for all concerned I think-at least if my different friends ever meet at least they can be sure they are ALL talking about the same mischievous scoundrel...HAHA!!


HappyOrganist said...

you're making me feel guilty. I'm not (properly) registered to vote (feeling very guilty as elections are coming up next tuesday.) But at least plan to mail in my voter registration this next week (so I"ll be ready for two years from now. something I COULD have done two years AGO. yes. but never got around to it. ) Thanks for the guilt.


so I mailed you a birthday present. I HOPE it shows up. Let me know, either way. =P

(seriously having too much fun today). will blog about it eventually. i think.

JJ Beazley said...

OK, so I can't vote. I'm probably not even a 'peep,' whatever one of those is. But I can say that I like the name Zhen. It's a nice name. Exotic. Chinese names are. I had a Chinese friend once who preferred to be called Sam, but her real name - San-Mei - was much prettier. Don't understand the problem.

Zz... said...

HO? you shouldn't have- man you got a good memory! Any case I know you just want to get me back re the "Dog's Breakfast" I am yet to post evidence of on my blog you received, haha

JJ, it's the phoenetics...Zhen in English is said "zen" and to me that says Zen Buddhism, lol. In any case that is not the correct way it is pronounced the closest english equivalent would be Gen which is one of the options...and like to think short for "genuine" HAHA. that one's not doing too well right now at what 15:09? still open- will reveal all TOMORROW!

HappyOrganist said...

you're right, you should go with a J

JJ Beazley said...

I wonder if you're graced with the company of ignorant people. Surely, we English speakers are sophisticated enough to know that Zh in Chinese is pronounced soft, like the 's' in treasure. Isn't it? Am I wrong?

HappyOrganist said...

you're so wrong.. hehehe