Friday, January 22, 2010

What makes me sad

at 5am in the morning...that there is such disparity in the world.

Most people are oblivious to it cos they mix in narrow socio-economic circles but me...I really have been exposed to an extreme range...

I know someone who lived under a bridge for 2 years with his family.

But then I also know entitled people my age who only got their first jobs at the ripe old age of 27 who despite having normal jobs can easily afford to live in million dollar homes...which look like they are straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens spread and are furnished accordingly.

And people who put off engagement cos they need the guy to be able to afford pink, heart-shaped diamond rings.

And people who have mud rooms.

And rooms entirely dedicated to toys- often multiple of the same type of item.

And people who know how to sail boats, ski black runs since they could walk and have snow chalets.

While some work such long hours - just to survive- and have never been on a plane.

Eh, this makes me really sad. Maybe that's why most people are oblivious-some kind of conscientious decision- they stick to their own socio-economic circles- cos feigned ignorance is easier to bear than the reality.


HappyOrganist said...

mm.. stick to your own kind

I've known people who have risked their lives to come to our country. If it were up to me, I'd just open the flood gates (maybe b/c I'm an idiot) - but I think the bad guys get in anyway (they always find a way) - so why keep all the good people out who would come in legally (and who are hard workers and wonderful people) if they could - but they either can't afford it or don't know how. (usually can't afford it, I think)

it's really sad.

And if I were rich (and didn't have children to worry about, financially) I'd sponsor some of them, of course. absolutely.

You know, I've yet to meet a 'bad' one. I mean the lazy drunks or whatever people often stereotype the group I'm referring to. I have only met really cool people who are just trying to feed their kids (decent good workers. really nice people). Half of them are here illegally.

I totally don't know what all the hype is about. People are worried about them taking our money - mooching off the system (through medicare and what not). But you know - the people I've known (in this group) work and pay their taxes (albeit using false id numbers). But they're doing the best they can, the best they know how. They are caring, decent people (the ones I've met).

I can't tell you how often those people have been a safe haven for me (they feed me, they let me hang out with them, I learn Spanish from them). They're wonderful people.

ok I'll shut up now.


Evil Shannanigans said...

I could never relate to the haves, being a have not for a big chunk of my life

Now that I make pretty good money, I never seem to be able to keep much of it to myself. Never saw the need for much stuff especially when some people have nothing.
And I would be the worst millionaire ever...Im so cheap!