Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Truth About Organics

They are not usually nutritional superior to conventional produce when tested scientifically.

They do taste much better especially texture wise and make me feel fuller, according to my experience.

There is one downside I noticed however. Because they ARE so pesticide need to be prepared to get a little "extra protein". The bug count especially in tangled shelters of vegetables such as broccoli have way more than their fair share of bugs! Realistically, you can't wash them all out if you still intend to eat them as florettes.

In any case vegetables ARE crunchy. And I know I personally, would prefer a little extra crunch factor compared to toxic, bad tasting pesticides any day.

But if perfect looking fruit and vegetables are your concern, then you should probably stick with conventional produce :)


Dina said...

Bugs are likely very healthy to eat. I think they're high in protein. We could see it as a bonus.

HappyOrganist said...

I love perfect-looking produce.

Miss Ash said...

I'd rather eat bugs than pesticides ALL DAY LONG.