Thursday, January 21, 2010

Okay so I saw a Hollywood Blockbuster :P

Ever since I got back to this city people couldn't stop gushing about how Avatar is so good and how they had seen it more than once and want to see it again! Some people actually suggested that I'd like it. Having seen the shorts a while back, I highly doubted it...if anything those blue creatures I found scary, reminding me of that blue lady villain in X-Men.

But in any case after everybody kept going on in this fashion and the media reports said it had sunken Titanic in takings, despite my snooty arthouse inclinations ie. doubts re James Cameron films, I folded...oh yeah, I forgot a large motivation to seeing it was after finding out it was a novelty 3D experience- who would pass up the chance to wear those funky glasses? ;)

So anyway I saw it...and I was impressed. Despite it not being my usual kind of film, the forestscapes were indeed beautiful. The colours reminded me of the iridescent colourful jellyfish I so admire in the aquarium. Bar the first few minutes and perhaps the last seemingly extraneous 20minutes all in all, a good cinematic experience and definitely worth the dosh.

In any case it was definitely better than Pedro Almodovar's Los Abrazos Rotos(Broken Embraces) which I think was definitely overhyped by critics- it definitely is not one of his finest films...the vampire dialogue was a good chuckle though :)

p.s I also saw Bright Star- good film but very intense -only if you feel like going through an emotional wringer. Keats was one cool cat...what a surprise: a Scorpio! ;) Also, very visually beautiful and sensual-typical for a Jane Campion...I still prefer The Piano though(this alone with Shine would have to be right up there for my top films, period...but especially where the soundtrack is superb!)


Dina said...

With books, I WANT to read what's popular...see what all the fuss is about.

I'm really resistant about Avatar though. I don't want to sit that long. And it just doesn't LOOK interesting to me. When I read about it, nothing appeals to me.

But I keep hearing that it's so amazing. I haven't heard anyone say anything negative.

I'm sure if I don't see it, I'm majorly missing out on something.

HappyOrganist said...

oh no - You're one of 'them'! I can't believe you caved in !!


C liked that movie. I refuse to watch movies with blue people in them. (although I did like X-Men. In fact, I Really like X-Men.)

Evil Shannanigans said...

i loved avatar...great film, great message

I was a convert too...didnt really want to see it but had a craving for popcorn and M&M's that night