Wednesday, January 27, 2010

People say "Try Everything Once"...HMMMM.

Had a great night of live music, good company, my kind of ambience and even more great live music. It was about as classy and cultured as you can get in this city anyway, a refreshing change from the usual tacky night scene.

In any case deliberating on whether I should take up my friend's invite to accompany her to a jazz in dance class...haha! The thought is kind of ridiculous...Me??

In any case, like people like to say "you should try before you say you hate it".

I can already about that thought where sometimes you KNOW what you like and what you DON'T. And where your talents lie or DO NOT LIE! *LOL

In any case I remember reading a horoscope lately which mentioned something about discovering a talent I didn't know I had...haha....could it be??

I doubt it.

Actually I think I discovered that already which I sort of knew I had...I have a bit of a talent for...lawnbowls(!)...there I said it. Hopefully I didn't jinx myself by speaking too soon!

In any case I can't really take that up seriously for a while yet :P

Anyway I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I love how I am so free to be's been an interesting year so far...I'm liking it...creative and inspired would be the two words I'd use to describe my experience so far :)


HappyOrganist said...

I don't think I would do that, if it were me....

what are lawnbowls?

xebeche said...

Isn't Karaoke invented for those people who say "Try Everything once..." ? ;)