Sunday, January 10, 2010

There is Creativity In Angst

Wow. I am (unusually) quite impressed by myself. I haven't tried to graphically design in a veeeery loooong time...except that now it's...needed. I had a great super talented friend working on designs for me however she wasn't able to manifest my creative vision, so Miss Lazy Ass had no choice but to try and do it herself with very limited technical ability. It is just amazing how user unfriendly programs like Photoshop really the hell do I even draw a shape outline?!! SHEESH.

In any case with some little tricks I was able to fudge "the look" for mockups and hopefully my techny friend can help me convert this into something professionally printer friendly.

In any case I just have one last design w/ variations to knock out...and I am very very pleased aesthetically with what I've managed to produce in a couple hours considering my significant designer deficiencies and limitations right now.

Which leads me to conclude, there is great creativity that can be harnessed out of Angst. Since it seems like I will be this way for AWHILE, I am contemplating picking up a canvas and paintbrush...hell, maybe even charcoals and pastels! LOL, it would be VERY VERY COOL if I somehow managed to un-excavate the long lost "artist" in me. The drought needs to be broken damn it-

Come Glorious Wellspring, Arise from this Barren Earth!


edit: so I have a couple of fact they're actually pretty nifty! only trouble is my indecision...I tried surveying others but nobody can agree! I guess it all comes down to personal preference...anyway going to visit the print place tomorrow...maybe they can look through my designs- sheesh, at this rate maybe I should start a portfolio!


Jonno said...

No pictures so we can survey? My imagination can only come up with triangles and squares...

Stoneweaver said...

Yeah - tormenting us with no pictures...