Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some Favourite Products

No, noone is paying me to endorse these's cos I REALLY like them! And I just wanted to share some gems that bring me joy in daily life :)

This first one took me by surprise...I was just looking for a shampoo that was free of the nasties but didn't cost the world. Yes, it exists...

Nature's Organics BERRY BLISS 3-IN-1 ORGANIC's free of known nasties, dirt cheap and surprisingly very good & gentle stuff at $2 a pop on sale or RRP $3.50-$3.99...shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Smells like a berry lolly - very girly, great for kids! And which girl wouldn't want their shampoo bottle to be pink with a fairy on it? LOL

The other two are ones to delight the belly, pretty much these two represent 95% of my entire processed food diet right now.

BULLA Fruit N' Yoghurt Minis (they come in 14 or 16 pack and in a great range of varieties and are supremely healthy compared to most frozen confectioneries which are too big, too sugary and have too much very rich stuff like chocolate or caramel- I tend to like any that have fruit yoghurt and vanilla/fruit ice splits like...


NESTLE CLUB Mixed Berry Chocolate- I am not usually one for dark chocolate but with these incredibly delicious fruity berry bits, I can just eat LOADS of this stuff. And it's REALLY GOOD for me...if you're too skinny like me, this is my pick to get to some decent fat levels with...


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