Friday, January 8, 2010

In Two Worlds...

lol, not 1)Fantasy and 2)Reality for once ;)

It was the most strange day. Like Two Polar Opposites. In the morning I was in a house of one of the wealthy snobby areas surrounded by REAL art, Sipping LapSang SuChong Tea, talking Germaine Greer, Persian food, Angel Place, exhibitions, Batik Prints and Horticulture and about the different timbre of European vs Japanese pianos.

In the afternoon I found myself by a gorge. In the most wonderful paradise of cliffs and mangrove swamps. I had no idea this existed so close to the city. I am glad!

By evening I was in a bustling cosmopolitan eatery not unlike Asia with two of the biggest yobs ;) It was so hilarious actually my friend who had been with me in location 1 actually said one of them had such a thick accent she couldn't even understand him-LOL! In any case, I was starving and a bowl of ramen I had craved was THE BEST version of wonton noodle soup I have had.

After that we kicked on to one of the dingiest pubs that frequent this city and had interesting conversations revolving around spirituality and understanding the human psyche over a couple of glasses of Bulmer's cider(blergh too sweet!) Unbeknownst to us it then became karaoke night which although I thought "omg I am in Hicksville" there were two or three really good performances and classic songs where I actually was enjoying myself...but it quickly deteriorated into an ugly display of bold and somewhat obnoxious untalenteds toppling around on stage and if they actually were singing at all, they were incredibly out of tune-arghhh! After a couple of my favourite classic songs had been BUTCHERED...that was enough to call it a day!

All in all a disparate and tiring but very enjoyable "variety is the spice of life" kinda day filled with good company and very interesting and satisfying conversations :)


markymark2099 said...

Who you calling yob?? :P "Worked" from home today...heading out to city soon to meet with some more yobs!

HappyOrganist said...

hm. that must be different from the ramen soup I'm thinking of.


Great day. very cool.

I dreamt I was an acupuncture student, last night and was studying for a test! I know that's not related to your post - but I don't feel like actually posting it on my blog - so there you go.

So I take it it wasn't too hot for hiking in the swamps/cliffs wherever you were. I'm glad to hear it.