Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All washed depressing!

Someone who first met me several years ago was recounting when she first saw me, and comparing the vision to me now. Basically the idea that came across is that I'm SO PAST MY PRIME :P does mention this in ancient chinese texts...basically the ancients reckoned a woman is "washed up" at 7X4 years...

*sigh* lol, now I need to start liking that phrase "ageing gracefully"...

on a happier note, I saw a pretty enjoyable cool film today...(500) days of Summer. If you like my kind of music and film...and quirky characters...definitely go see it! The SOUNDTRACK is pure awesomeness...


HappyOrganist said...

someone Told you that?!

how terrific.

You know they're probably entirely wrong on that.
although, I gather you agree with them (the way you carry on about 'grandma')

enjoy. =D

(they're wrong)

HappyOrganist said...

oh, You can't be studying magic (TCM) and be past your prime. You're just coming INTO your prime (MAYBE) if you ask me.

You give it a couple years, see if you disagree with me. (I'm 30 - to be 31 in 3 weeks) and I tell you I'm just getting to enjoy being in my skin, etc, etc, etc)

And A LOT of men (husbands) say that when a woman hits 40 - watch out. We're great at 40. Really.
so.. just ask Peggy if I'm right or not ;)

mscherrylane said...

lol, yeah, it would have been funnier if she was joking :P

I blame it on the city...I'm thinking it made me shrivel up...I suspect when I get out of the city I will de-shrivel...luckily I'm an optimist, I believe in certain reversible processes ;)

I least interiorly at 30-40 a woman is definitely in her prime. I think it is also geographical...all the 40 year old Manhattanites I! Maybe I should stay out of the sun more like a real asian :P