Monday, September 28, 2009

The Procrastination Catch 22

You don't want to do something- it's a chore, so you keep putting it off and waste your time in idle distraction...which leaves you less leeway to complete the deed. Deadlines loom over you like a menacing shadow... having festered, the shadow then begins to devour you crunching head first and you are thus officially trapped in a state of High Stress-which in itself results in paralysis...ARGHHHHHH!

Need. To Break. The Cycle!!!!



HappyOrganist said...

Break the cycle - MAYBE. But whatever you do, don't stop writing! (as needed for therapy). I am praying that you'll continue to blog (and have periods of high stress) once you open your practice.

I sort of have a feeling I have nothing to worry about.. ;/

[I am so hungry right now. Paying bills. yuck.
better go eat]

koala brains said...

Well written. Yeah, it makes it worse when you don't deal with them, doesn't it? I was feeling as you described because I was procrastinating my studies then once I took the time to catch up, I felt 100% better. Speaking of procrastinating, I'm reading blogs when I should be studying! Gotta run...