Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Consequences of Being....Relaaaaxed.

Basically, it means all your qi is flowing smoothly and you end up tapping into that "Being" that you usually ignore to keep up with the hectic-ness of crazy modern life.

So anyway I've noticed, when one is really relaxed and all the qi is flowing...you have very high probabilities of tapping into inexplicable hidden talents...

for example, today...I thought I'd see my cousin or possibly visualised him just before I actually saw him! LOL, with the chances of us meeting pretty miniscule since we're both not usually anywhere in that vicinity on a Tuesday afternoon!!!

Anycase I'm enjoying myself...I'm not looking forward to getting my paper back tomorrow though...fingers and toes crossed!


HappyOrganist said...

sounds fun. good luck on your paper !

miruspeg said...

Bring on the qi....I'd love to tap into my hidden talents!

Did you get a good result in your paper?


mscherrylane said...

Pegs, go do reiki and then let me know...I think you will notice life gets very interesting...in the months following LOL

I didn't get my paper back yet, but the need to pull up my socks feeling definitely kicked in regardless! There is a bit of a problem I think when one is "too relaxed"! LOL

miruspeg said...

I will be checking out all about Reiki next week when I see my hairdresser.
He not only is a great hairdresser but also a Reiki Master!

Find the BALANCE Macs, find the BALANCE. :-P
At least when we are relaxed we can think clearly.

mscherrylane said...

well not really...cos I spent all my time and energy playing and got tired ;) you know kind like how hyperactive little kids run around and then crash...yeah I'm at that crash now- 630pm and was so glad to be showered and lying in bed already LOL...grandma!