Sunday, September 6, 2009

I was once a Latin Nerd...

And other random facts!

1. I don't remember much Latin but I do remember it was the most useful thing about high school. I do remember the first line of a passage from Virgil's Aeneid
Sed non idcirco flammae atque incendia vires
... Don't ask me what the hell it means...let's just say it is quite dramatic and it sounds and looks very cool...

2. I can't activate cigarette lighters with the little rolling dials...this can be rather inconvenient and come across as incompetent when trying to perform flame requiring therapies...(note to self...invest in a whole heap of push type lighters when I see them...)

3. I am a herbs nerd...the reason I know as much as I do about them is cos I regularly guinea pig on myself and get much pleasure from their interesting smells and textures and by throwing together a bunch and brewing them in a pot. (I feel like a modern day witch but just with a very small cauldron.) Also, maybe the Latin-ness of the pharmacological names turns me on...

4. My other major hobby is interrogatinginvestigating people. People are fascinating to observe.
Along with rocks and minerals, animals, and foreign cultures.

5. I like to write and don't actually talk much relative...the former is energizing, the latter can be draining. I don't often get to talk much in real life. I find I tend to fill the male listening position when talking to most other females. I guess that is why I prefer the company of males...cos I actally get to talk to my heart's content!

6. When I'm bad it typically manifests as spending way too much in a music store...

7. I'm a Monkey in the Chinese zodiac and fit the stereotype- I live for FUN! I love cracking jokes, playing games, pulling pranks and people actually take offense cos I'm often laughing at their expense...but at least I will join in with you when you laugh at me. I'm also ever curious about anything and everything, am impatient with people who are slow on uptake and love learning new things. I'm HIGH mental maintenance...most people bore me before too long...I tend to go through "phases"...especially with FOOD...Next!

8. Just to add as to why I am a Genuine Nerd(Nerds are cool as opposed to Geeks ;)...I've competed in a chess tournament...but only cos nobody else knew how to play and I had to fill the final position so that my friend-a real chess nerd-could actually field a team. Yeah, I can be nice like that ;)

9. And oh so narcissistic ;), H.O that makes two of us!


Evil Shannanigans said...

Im impatient with slow people too, sometimes to the point where I can be a little rude. Im working on it

I think latin would be so cool to learn...It is such a mysterious language

HappyOrganist said...

I want to see more of these posts! haven't read this one yet, but I will.
I just told C "she says I'm narcissistic," he says "that's what you say about her."

i think it's funny how you distinguish between nerds and geeks. I'd have said the opposite regarding those two terms.
I married a geek (and he's COOl!)
He's way cooler than any of you (i don't say that to be mean to anyone here. he's just that cool).

That's interesting, msC, about filling the male role when talking to women.
I love your #3. I love the smell of herbs (yeah, i know they're all different. but who cares. I love the general smell of a chinese-herb shop (or a western one for that matter. doesn't really matter).
I walked into one of our favorite health food/herb stores the other day with a friend, and I almost fainted (or got high) off of whatever they had put out that had this terrific aroma. It reminded me of my current acupuncturist's office (which always smells wonderful). I asked her about it once - asked if they actually used some candle or some kind of scent in that office. She said no. It's just b/c of the herbs they have in the back room (makes the whole place smell). it's great.

and of course I associate all of those smells with good things. so I love it.

HappyOrganist said...

oh - and Latin would be ok. except. it's Dead.