Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amusing Email Exchange...

I sent S an email entitled "arghhhhh please save me from plastic people and a plastic society!!!"

with one liner content: "honestly, i think I live in the world's most vacuous and shallow city outside L.A!"

Her reply was Gold.

"wish I could but I don't think it is much better anywhere you go. There is something inherently wrong with most people. Go hermit, it's the only way to be."

I so love the assuredness and certainty with which that bolded sentiment comes across from her.

And, I agree with the last line...I had already decided my new strategy: people's a cop out but it's the only way to survive this kind of environment day in, day out.

I am definitely going to work on my own consciousness though and hopefully find more conscious people amidst all the chaos here.


HappyOrganist said...

Oh.. There's a story I once heard. I haven't seen it circulated here like I've seen the "two wolves" story.
Goes something like this. A family drives into a new town where they are going to live (just moved). They ask the first person (family) they see, "What are the people like here?" The reply "What were the people like where you just came from?" "Oh they were awful," says the newcomer (new family). "Well, they're the same here," answers the resident.

I pretty much believe that. People are the same everywhere you go.
Now maybe I am totally wrong - and there are GOOD people in Utah, and SCUMBAGS in another state, country, or other local.
But I doubt it.

Can I say it again? There are great people in Utah.


HappyOrganist said...

Now.. That said, I *have heard other stories (from sources I believe) about certain groups (cultures?, etc) being nicer or more outgoing or more supportive, etc, etc than other groups. I still believe my fundamental rule applies and is accurate. But it's *possible* that some groups of people have distinct traits and characteristics that make them look better or worse (however you want to define that) by and large.
Nevertheless, I maintain (I hold this very strongly) the belief that MOST people are inherently GOOD.

Case in point: C hangs out with a lot of WEIRDO's online. It's supposedly a 'gaming forum,' but in their off-topic chats it's all about beer, profanity, and sex. A while back, C tells me something that happened involving this very large group of characters that he says (sometimes) he probably shouldn't hang out with.
One of the persons in the group (this is a huge group of people, btw), was in the hospital for a few weeks (cancer? or something like that. I don't remember).
But these people wrote letters, called, even stopped by in person if they happened to be anywhere close by to where he was. This guy got tons of phone calls from all over the world (people belonging to this community).

So. You have your list or traits that tell you if people are good or bad. I have my list. They have their list, too.

PEOPLE are Good.!


[ I love it that you are writing so much. You must be stressin' with homework or something like that?
May you never get out of school... ]


miruspeg said...

Macs, Macs, Macs!
There may be something inherently wrong with most people BUT there is also "beauty" in most people.

We can see people from a negative perspective or a positive perspective....we have a choice.

Also I have been taught through philosophy to see each person 'as if for the first time'. Letting go of all preconceived ideas/opinions.

The choice is yours Macs....The Beauty or the Beast!

mscherrylane said...

yeah i know, hard to do on a daily basis though!

mscherrylane said...

eh give him a break, he is a great hubby, father and provider right...sometimes a good mormon needs to let their hair down *lol!

Having said that I have met all types eg prison stints the type that would break your legs if you wronged yes, I do believe there are varying levels of severity and a larger gap to bridge if you're used to a good environment.

the other day my mate started on brothels...despite stopping the conversation short with "don't wanna know" the fact he even mentioned it so grossed me out I couldn't even get to sleep....I guess the highly sensitive just need to desensitize.

mscherrylane said...

"May you never get out of school..."

SHEESH! thanks for the "blessing"...if that happens you're definitely no 1 on the hitlist that I will be presenting to those shady contacts I have- haha!

HappyOrganist said...

oh no