Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tawny Port Wednesday

It was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS :-p

...and by the end of it I was clamouring for some red.

Actually it's just been one of those weeks....arghhhh!

Sheesh may the Northern Hemisphere just suck me up already!

p.s actually I was trying to get a fortified muscat but the bottle shop didn't have them- apparently that drink is only for homeless bums...not exactly sure why...


HappyOrganist said...

Hate to break it to you - the week is only half over


Hey, you should move to Utah. We could have fun (lunch). you know.. maybe. sometime.

BTW - I don't believe you've ever said - but were you born where you're living now? I was under the impression that you may actually be an American citizen (please don't laugh if i'm completely off-base).
You're the one who mentioned ending up in New York potentially, a while back..

zhen said...

yeah I would love to see "the temple" ;)and food is always good.


no way. thank god :)