Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's kinda Sad.

I Love to play Lawn Bowls.

I Love Swimming at Night.

I Love Board Games.

I Love Trivia.

I Love Music, like REALLY love.

I Like to Look at Art.

I Like Quirky films.

I LOVE Nature, I THRIVE on Wide Open Spaces with Clean Air.

I Love Fresh Organic Produce and would go 200km just to try a specialty food.

I Love People Watching, Psychology and Astrology(yes they go hand in hand).

And okay, it's nerdy but I kinda like chess, or at least want to be GOOD at it.

But NOBODY I know likes or wants to do these things!

So I conclude...

Obviously, I know all the WRONG people!!!

....Where can I find *Fun Fun* people like ME? (Probably cooped up at home blogging also ;)

An aside, Super "Social" Day for me...I had 3 people come to my, wonder what planet I woke up on today?!!

Highlights: Giving someone my first Vasovagal Reaction and Night Swimming in Ocean ;)


HappyOrganist said...

Sounds interesting (that reaction).
I don't know why they call it that. But that is a really weird name for that.
I do like Michael Greenwood, though. Great choice in article.

Good luck with Chess. I used to play that (like not really but kind of) a long time ago. 'till I started losing so then it wasn't fun anymore.

You know what you should try. Tetris. Now there's a fun game.


Franko Gnedo said...

I love swimming at night, music, looking at art, quirky films, nature, organics, people watching psychology and a little chess.

I like trivia but not trivial pursuit or other board games (except maybe Monopoly - but that was a long time ago i dont think i have that capitalist drive anymore). I have never played lawn bowls and it doesnt look very exciting. Astrology - I dont know much about it and I'm not really into it maybe something to do with being male. But I love "The Alchemist" and religous concepts so I suppose I do have a spiritual side. So somone you know (in a cyberspace sense) likes many of the same things you do :)

zhen said...

FG-Hooray for people like YOU! Actually I have a's cos you come from the other hemisphere...for some reason I feel a lot less like an alien around europeans or at least I seem to have a lot more in common...

you should give the LBs a try...seriously, it's kinda fun when you try...and good fun with the kids :)

zhen said...

HO, I still think you'd be better than me...I never get to play so I never got any better.

Tetris, now that was one of my favourites as a kid...

Dina said...

I like board games, but not swimming at night. It makes me too cold.