Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Re-Formation of "Art"

When does art become "Art"?

So, what happens when you take an untalented punk that can't draw anything for sh*t and give her two different sized brushes (so cheap the hairs come off and stick to the canvas),a few tubes of paint and mini sheets of canvas?

...Exploration of Line, Texture and Colour!

Which is what I did.

Nothing Spectacular.

HOWEVER. This morning I cut the six dried panels to size, arranged them onto some white paper and housed the lot into a black, although it was only meant to be a "prototype" and very amateur, Reformatted and presented it looks pretty darn *spiffy*...I like how on a wide angle view it enlivens a white wall and on the eye level there is enough interest in the textures, lines etc enough to warrant a closer look.

Whatever the case, I reckon it makes good living room/office wall decoration and people might actually buy it for $150(but I'd only sell it for $250...maybe).

ANYHOW, for 2.5 hours of labour, not a whole lot of skill and minimally expensive resources...that makes me One Happy Camper! :) Now my very sad Living room looks slightly more funky, and it's so easy to do! I can make another one later for my office/treatment space - yay! :)

I have a good feeling this is the year my creativity comes back. Hopefully, this was just the humble prologue to much bigger and more impressive and beautiful things...

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