Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are the Wealthy more genteel?

No. Is my conclusion after re-living in one of the wealthiest most exclusive parts of this city.

I said "Good morning" to an old lady just to see whether she'd be shocked at my friendliness...she was actually shocked. This would be normal courtesy in a small town.

But the real tell tale factor was that people on the bus seemed even more selfish than people in less well off areas- an old man with a crutch stood standing there while much more able bodied people sat reading their Financial Review. Although that bus was saturated in designer brands, South Sea Black Pearls and Massive Sparkling Carats, nobody bothered to offer him a seat.

In any case it's been a fun social experiment for me to partly simulate and experience living as the truly wealthy do, complete with 4 ornate marble fireplaces, lol.

I've always not cared enough about money, so much so that my folks frequently tell me off for not having any "drive". But I did imagine that if one were wealthy it would be handy cos you then have so much more capacity to help others...but then I realise what usually happens when people get wealthy is that their lifestyles just get more lavish and so although their pay packets may increase their lifestyle burgeons so that they can just accommodate it. People stay selfish and stingy-I guess that is how one gets ahead in a dog eat dog material world anyway. I guess it's just normal human behaviour.

In any case I realise in this city unless you're pretty rich, life is not too comfortable, so I think I better start caring to make money more. Ultimately it would be ideal to just get together with someone rich who actually cares about money and loves making it so I can get on with my main purpose of being able to help others without having to worry about basic needs such as food and shelter! :-p

Keep praying HO, thanks :)


HappyOrganist said...

doh! I'll get right on that.

Hey - you should totally look for someone who can support your habit. That's what I did.

And as far as the wealthy not being inherently genteel - maybe you're right and maybe you're wrong. Either way - I imagine you can introduce some genteel into their neighborhood.

oh I won't explain.
good luck!

zhen said...

lol did you look?

I'm too lazy I figure the universe will dish something up on the doorstep if it so desires.

I am too busy saving the world ;)

p.s what exactly is your "habit"?
p.p.s well some wealthy are but I can't help but think they only do it cos they were brought up that way strictly and they care more about their reputation/family name etc and how they are seen in public.

p.p.p.s yeah actually I like saying goodmorning to old ladies cos it's fun to watch them jump when they see me, lol *evil*

HappyOrganist said...

hum? Did I look? You mean did I look for someone who could support my habit..


I went to University to find someone to marry. I found someone who fit my criterion, and we've been happy ever since =D

I'm cool like that.

my habit.. I don't know. I think it's delivering food to my friends (they usually cook it for me). I call it a symbiotic relationship.

As far as watching old ladies jump. that is truly evil.

I think you win something for that. =)

zhen said...

wow HO I'm impressed you are truly more scheming and conniving than I give you credit for. I hope you didn't just go to uni to get married...that's kinda sad...but then what can I say, my first uni I went cos my parents MADE ME. now THAT'S SAD, lol, poor little asian kid.

that's one cool symbiotic relationship, I guess I should include cooking into the criterion so that I don't have to cart the uncooked food too far, lol, so much oneupmanship here, haha. don't worry you can win on the childbearing and rearing front, lol.

HappyOrganist said...

It's not sad! it's great.

Yes, I came to Utah to find (well b/c the selection here is great) a nice LDS man to marry. He had to be a computer scientist or speak French. I got a computer scientist who can read Spanish and understand my Spanish (and some of my French) and who likes to make jokes in both languages, even though he doesn't speak them (officially).
And we both love Mexicans nowadays.. That's my wonderful influence on him.
It's not sad at all, Zhen. =P


There's nothing wrong with having a goal (an honorable one) and achieving it.

I also managed to get a degree out of college. And that has been a blessing. He made me finish school, dontcha know.

A French degree. What am I going to do with a French degree?? except learn Spanish.... and meet my favorite people on the whole planet. =D

zhen said...

But at...19!??! You're just a babe- you've not even LIVED yet! the idea you wanted to do it boggles my brain!!! I guess, different strokes for different folks! LOL