Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Questions

What happens when you send a non alcohol loving girl out to get booze and the shop is closed?

She comes back with chips, icecream and chocolate :)...Movie anyone? LOL

And on a less flippant note, what causes people to be such freaking control freak Rule Nazis? Seriously. I want to know! Is it that people who feel so compelled to impose limits on others lives and make them miserable-does it stem from their own feeling that their life is out of control? Is it a need to dominate...WHAT!

Whatever the case it makes for some pretty toxic B'day Twin and I were so drained from it all we spent a good 5-6 hours purely detoxing...and trying to reassert our happy vibes, lol which meant hmmm....FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! haha lucky for me I am skinny as a stick but it did hurt the pocket somewhat.

Actually we craved Ramen- comfort food Mmmm....but were distraught when our favourite place wasn't open. So then we trekked out in the BEATING SUN to a nice civilized reprieve with good air conditioning and headed straight for the most desolate and biggest empty table, lol.

And ate....chicken, risoni, white beans, spinach, chorizo, scones with strawberry jam and cream, lemonade, orange tic tacs...not quite done we also ended up sharing a very delicious French passionfruit cake(boy do the French know how to do good desserts!), hot chocolate, orange juice...

I actually felt a need to cleanse more but my yoga class wasn't on so I just took a cooling shower instead...I am aching for an ocean dip though...nothing like a good salt water cleanse from bad people vibes :P Seriously, it's hard to always have to forgive base people, it's really a constant conscientious CHORE to "Be Good".

Living in the city with city people and city mentality and city crowds and city stenches, sucks.


markymark2099 said...

Hmmm...chips and ice cream :) Thanks buddy!!

Franko Gnedo said...

Unfortunately I can relate to the issue of nazi control freaks and maintaining a controlled polite response when I really I feel like telling them what I think using plenty of swearing. But then a beer (as opposed to food) with a good friend quickly got rid of those bad vibes. I can't understand why people want to send out bad vibes instead of good vibes. Its unfortunate and quite sad that the world can be that way.

Evil Shannanigans said...

The important question is....What kind of chips?