Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Lone Wolf Strikes again!

My mother started calling me a Lone Wolf. I think cos she saw how much fun I truly get up to by myself and that with me, it's definitely for the most part a choice/preference.

In any case in my latest shenanigans which perhaps was predicted too accurately by my horoscope I've been feeling truly liberated by unleashing my eccentricity willy nilly by not precensoring anything I have to say with diplomacy or conventional acceptance. I gotta admit I kinda like "shocking" people out of their comfort zones...but also I like to upset people's preconceptions of me. Because I don't want to stand out or be noticed I dress pretty normal so people just immediately assume I must be really conventional, boring and conservative like every other sucker. It's fun to shock them or at least watch them be shocked. I blame it on Frida Kahlo- she taught me how much fun it is to be subversive :)

Apart from that two other weird developments - I suddenly became Asian and Girly in one day! But maybe again that is just a one day transient novelty cos the status quo was getting boring.

So yeah today I did the most asian thing of walking in the sun with an umbrella! Actually these scared of the sun asians are very smart...cos really the sun down under is WAY TOO STRONG! I think I'm going to adopt this intelligent and practical stereotyped behaviour of a true asian.

The other thing I did was while walking out and about I started collecting flowers (frangipanis actually) and cos I had so many and didn't want them to all get squashed in my bag I stuck one in my hair...sheesh how girly is THAT!

I guess I just like the feeling of freedom of being able to do anything I want right now-alot- even if it is strange and unusual by conventional standards and draws frowns of disapproval or quizzical the end of the day if anyone really CARES! *lol

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