Monday, February 8, 2010

In Randomness, I find...


Someone recently asked you find your life is like a movie? Yes! A Resounding Yes.

My Life...Has always been Very, Very Strange.

Full of the most odd coincidences and synchronicities and I seem to just...Attract Randomness! What does it all MEAN? I keep asking. But unfortunately nobody can just tell me...there are things you just need to work out for yourself. Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist but really my life IS very strange and I feel that within all of it there is some deep and meaningful Universe moving revelation in there somewhere which until I alone can work it out, will just be One Big Question Mark! It's like I'm a rat scampering many hidden passageways and opening hidden panels looking for a tiny golden key in a dark and cobblestoned grey crevice of My Castle.

So the latest weirdness was that I very randomly encountered three new random people this week...who have rather unusual names...the most interesting part being that I already only know exactly one set of people with these three same unusual names, if I pair each set of same unusual named people up...does it make any more sense? No! Can it be mere uncanny coincidence for the zillionth time or is there something The Universe is trying to draw my attention to?

I'm too puzzled. My head hurts. And I'm Tired, all of this constant overstimulation in addition to my usual hectic zillion things on the go, can just get a little overwhelming...


Dina said...

I can TOTALLY relate to your fourth paragraph. It describes how I feel perfectly. Thank you!

Crystal Calliope said...

My life is very, very strange, too. Sometimes I watch it from the outside. I like your blog.