Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grateful for the Rainy Reprieve

I am such a water baby- rain doesn't bother me much, especially when the temperature is always so high anyway! Thursday night I was pretty wet from swimming and still I walked umbrella less in the rain so by the time I arrived at a restaurant I was sopping wet and had to pull out my chamois towel to catch my dripping hair!

In any case although I did miss an art exhibition I had wanted to catch I got a very luxurious opportunity to just lie on the couch and start on the big collection of DVDs I've borrowed off a mate.

The film I saw was THE READER which I really liked...but then again, I do have an almost perverted interest in any stories to do with Nazi Germany and Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes are even more cool than normal in German mode, lol....I'm not the only one Italian penpal is researching and writing an entire novel set during this time! It sounds quite Dan Brown or Matthew Reilly-esque so far except it's based on true events...

Musically I've been really into BLONDE REDHEAD specifically the sound of Kazu Makino's alien like voice.

Food wise I'm still stuffing my face with dark chocolate infused with berry bits.

I've been enjoying shutting off from the tangible world and going into my cave...during the week exposed to "normal modern city society" it's kind of...insane! I need a peaceful weekend as counterbalance.

My mother called me a loner the other day. And my aunty tried to get me to go to her church where there are lots of people "my age"...I politely declined. LOL. I really don't find much common ground with people my age I'd rather spend my spare time talking to golden oldies or at least the people who are also old inside and not just look it outside. Call me a snob, lol.

Currently, I am debating whether to attempt to fill an empty canvas. Even if I want to break out in paints, I have absolutely no idea what to scrawl...I actually was considering even buying a large mirror and doing a glass mosaic frame since my living room is embarrassingly Spartan white walls with not an ounce of inspiration, spirit or creativity, unless you count my childlike coloured-in mandalas hastily posted randomly with bluetack...


HappyOrganist said...

Go to church, Zhen!

I love you.

(don't tell anyone though)

! :D

[sorry, I'm in a really weird mood right now. super stressed. normally I'm not so weird .. probably]

HappyOrganist said...

oh - and I LOVE Rain!!!! !!! ;D