Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Web Is Being Woven

Sometimes...we're so impatient in such a hurry to reach an end goal we forget to breathe in the moment and savour the journey.

And as similar days blur into a routine we often forget that anything is happening at all. But occasionally we get bright sparks, privileged glimpses of the future that remind us that we are part of a web that is constantly being woven.

I had a very interesting day and I am exhausted...ironically I spent a good deal of it lying on a bench(aka homeless bum) in a beautiful forest of plants and vegetation. I also spent a good deal of it lying on beach sands until the sun beat down so strong I couldn't take anymore the feeling of burning to a crisp.

But I guess the best part of all was the great company...and great food...home made PIE and CAKE...two of my absolutely favourites! What more could one ask for? TB is a great chef :)

Today I had very interesting conversations with people I'd usually not talk to at all....and they were all so interesting people- maybe I might learn to appreciate people over animals after all! I also met one very cool fish, and one very cool cat. I always thought I hated cats. Wow, you learn something new about yourself everyday...