Monday, March 29, 2010

Cheer up, Mug

I decided to write a list of thanksgiving to divert from the significant challenges in my current environs and reasons to rant...

I am grateful for the custom artwork ^^ painted for me today that was the ray of sunshine in an otherwise pretty gloomy past 3 days.

I am grateful for the custom quirky hat which HO has posted to me in the mail complete with crazy pom poms :)

I am grateful for the custom larimar for a small person which Izzy sourced for me all the way from the Dominican Republic!!!

I am grateful for the lovely alfresco meal G made when I really needed some prodding to want to eat in her backyard.

And always the calm easy going vibes and energy exuded by M.

And the few words required understanding exuded by P.

And the laughter, entertainment, friendship and great meals provided by Toyboy.

And my friend G who dropped in randomly for a surprise visit.

And getting to spend one on one time with L on her last night in Oz.

And VZ for being my supplier of "culture" ensuring I won't ever miss out on The Good Stuff despite living in a Void.

And Murphs and D for putting up with my endless annoying monologues and providing the depth and interesting mental stimulation which I can't get from daily life!

And the help my cousins have given me during this time of crisis.

Oh and E who I would never graduate if it weren't for all her help!

All in the past week or so!

Hmmm even if there is noone in my immediate vicinity, that's a whole bunch of nice people around for me and that's not even everyone. So I guess I'm pretty fortunate :) in the Bigger Picture.


james said...

What a great post. I'm sure it cheered you up just writing it.

HappyOrganist said...

I must really need some food. This post almost made me cry (and not for mentioning me - but just b/c it's a gratitude list). wow

Well I am going to find some food.
oh wait - I have oatmeal burning upstairs. I knew it.. ;D

markymark2099 said...

Good on ya...balancing with the positives :)

You get a big STAR!!

JJ Beazley said...

Zhen, you're beautiful and interesting. What more do you want? Forget gratitude lists; they're a two-edged sword. You're more than enough as you are.

zhen said...

JJ....Goodluck?? Easy and smooth life?? LOL don't ask, there is always MORE people can want!

Which is exactly why gratitude lists hold their own...people are rarely grateful for things and take everyhing for granted...okay so am not so guilty but HEY, the list was a good diversion to dwell on and inflate the positives rather than drown in the negatives...which is all too easy to do!!! It's some kind of reverse psychology...I'm being my own therapist, lol

zhen said...

M, yeah I was thinking maybe I could have the star that lights up atop the Martin Place Christmas tree? Or does that not exist anymore :P

So I guess you'll have to find me one of those big goldfish lanterns ;) make sure it has googly eyes^^