Monday, March 29, 2010

What do you do when...

you go through an incessant string of bad luck...

you can LAUGH instead of CRY.


You can go buy a lottery ticket ;)

...Wish me Luck!!! :)

p.s This option's out for me these days, but I highly recommend a good glass of red wine with some jazz, say Bill Evans...or like. But hopefully this post doesn't find any of you in the midst of crisis. What can we do anyway? Soldier on!


HappyOrganist said...

Laughing is always a great remedy.

I hope you quit this bad luck before long (hate to have it interfere with the mail) ;/

(a little paranoid and unnerved at all your talk of bad luck)

You can also try chocolate cupcakes (worked for me last week).

And at the moment (since we're on remedies - but this is not about remedying luck) I'm trying honey, currently (on an infection). Oh it's so exciting. and sticky
very very sticky

... =P

zhen said...

hmm apparently bad luck always comes in threes. I'm hoping its come to an any case I figure it all has to balance out somehow so I bought the lotto and entered a competition today. oh and someone gave me some art. So hopefully that bit of something nice halted all the blood and guts that have been spilling...metaphorically of course! in any case, I'm seriously....exhausted by it all...I think "wrung out" would be the appropriate expression!

p.s you need manuka honey that's the most potent
p.p.s i ate a whole load of chocolate just then which is good cos it means my ability to eat came back :)

MyAlterEgo said...

oh no, you'll end up like me if you stop eating (very not cool - even though I know how much you want to be twins)

glad you can eat finally. I'll look into that honey I guess. I heard it mentioned once in my reading - but nothing else I saw really harped on which kind or organic or anything at all (surprised me). But okay.
And off to the health food store (to meet new people).

miruspeg said...

You could stay in bed until it passes.....with the red wine, music and a book. :)