Friday, March 12, 2010

I wanna be a Maths Nerd!'s amazing how quickly one bounces back when they get more than 5 hours sleep/lying down rest in a night for the first time in a week! When I looked in the mirror this morning I was rather amazed what a difference actual rest makes to my reflection, lol...bye bye panda eyes!

In any case, I digress...back to the title of this post:

My father had high hopes for me as a financial mathematician. Hoping in vain that somehow some seed of his mathematical genius and enthusiasm for maths had somehow permeated into his down the line flesh and blood...

Of course, I proved a disappointment- refusing to go anywhere near the stuff! In any case it's been almost 15 years but I had need to get reacquainted with maths again...and having been away so long I can't say there weren't jangles of fear and trepidation to numb my body...and cause my brain to want to shut down in sheer anxiety and overwhelmedness!

In any case this is my first experience with applied maths and now that I've actually sat down to try and make head or tail out of it, I actually gotta admit I actually found myself...enjoying myself! LOL...perhaps I would have made for a good applied mathematician after all...maybe if he had suggested it at a much later date...when I grew out of throwing a "hate school" protest...but then again, I'm still pretty lazy, and I still don't like studying...I guess that is why maths is cool...cos once you actually understand it, it requires very!

NOW I Understand why all the Really Smart people LIKE maths! :)

An aside, it recently occurred to me another thing I have been really DUMB about...absolutely everybody is superificial. I used to think that maybe it didn't apply to some of us more "evolved beings", lol...not really...maybe to a lesser extent, but appearances do still factor in to first impressions...I realised why all the SMART people pay so much attention to appearance, cos when you look good, people are SO much nicer to you, treat you better and you can get them to do just about anything you want...of course you could just rely on charm(expecially if you're lazy)...but if you want that extra potency you gotta throw in some looks...something both my sexy fox birthday twin and classy lady girl friend understand all too well, lol.

So maybe I could afford to be slightly less lazy about it, especially in the professional context. I was so exhausted I had to go to bed early so used a hairdryer to dry my hair- the next day quite a few friends were commenting on my nice "haircut"- what haircut I asked? haha! Who knew such little things make such a big be honest I really don't care about these things, not that I ever have but I guess also cos once you've been an old married hag and realised that being tied down by a male is not really ALL THAT, it could be an unconscious strategy to keep the burden and trouble away as well :)


Evil Shannanigans said...

Math= the DEVIL. I still count using my fingers. Im a right brainer so I have an excuse.
As for the appearance thing, I know this to be true, but I am still too lazy most of the time to do anything about it. I make an effort if I am going out with friends but that is about it

HappyOrganist said...

you're too cute.
Wanna know something cool? I noticed a day or two ago that you had a new post on your student blog. But I didn't go read it until just now.
Is that cool or what!?

Do you know what that means?

well I'm certainly not going to spell it out for you.

as far as math.. glad you've come around. I'd comment a lot more, but I'm really too tired.

ok - and word verification today is "ulare". Looks italian!