Thursday, March 11, 2010


...and a small confession.

I sneakily got suckered into *holds back from gagging*... facebook.

We had a slight break and my birthday twin was playing games on her account...they looked so fun...she encouraged me to try...and that was the point of....slight addiction.


In any case I am drained, I am exhausted...I feel the little pleasures in each day are any case I think life is so hectic and full-on I have been listening to Tomasz Stanko every morning and every night on repeat and nothing else for hmmmm....maybe 10 days now? I think it's just the best way to find peace and relaxation and restfulness in every hustle bustle day...

I think on Friday night I will break open the port and watch a movie...can't wait. I think I shrivel up really quickly without some quality introverted alone time.


HappyOrganist said...

How can that be fun? quality alone time? that's just weird.

guess what. I had fun last night at a party full of women. Our table was the last to leave, we had so much fun talking. talking talking talking. I was so wired when I got home it took a few good hours to wind down ;D

(oh. that said, though. I do enjoy my quiet alone time crocheting.. that's often alone, but not always. It's so fun to have only one's thoughts to entertain. and it works just fine.)

so I digress.
But parties are still great fun.!

I love those women. I talked to a charming over-60 yr old again (I think it appropriate to leave ages out of it) - but she was so adorable. And that's not the same friend I mentioned a while back. This is a new one. My we had so much fun talking
(disagreeing about Medicine !) but amicably, so, if I do say so.

markymark2099 said...


Evil Shannanigans said...

ADD ME! I admit Im a FB addict but I mostly spend a lot of time playing games, and a lot of my family out west is on so thats how I share pictures and keep in touch