Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Embracing Your Roots

Recently I really started having a deep appreciation for my oriental roots(perhaps you can tell by the new asian asian profile pic) and an interest in learning to speak oriental tongues even if it is as banal as "where is the toilet?"lol.

Anyway this new phase was made all the better by a surprise fly in from my exotically foreign cultured same age cousin that I only met once 16 years ago!

Lately I definitely have a preference for anything oriental...I guess I'm just always drawn to whatever's more exotic...I think the local culture and people got too boring for me now.

Hmmm, I wonder if that will translate to itchy feet...


Evil Shannanigans said...

That's funny...I was just watching a show about tracking down your ancestors and finding your roots. I think I would be too afraid to do that. What if I found out I was related to Steve?

HappyOrganist said...

Will you move? I don't know. You've only mentioned it 100 times already =P

You should just grab a globe, spin it, and throw a dart at it (like they do in the movies) and go wherever.. yeah - odds are it'll be in the ocean. But barring that....

Dina said...

You know what that makes me think of....

Tim is an AMAZING cook. He's so good at it. But the one type of food of his that I don't like is his Asian cooking. I don't know what it is... I guess cooking is just not a genetic thing. He does much better with Italian and Mexican.

Good luck with your root search. Do they use the term "oriental" there. Here it's not really seen as politically correct. It's something along the lines of....Rugs are oriental. People are Asian." Although Tim's old boss (from Vietnam) referred to herself as oriental.

Maybe you and HappyOrganist can learn Chinese together.

Twice I've bought Tim Korean language programs. He gets excited about it, but then never does it.

I'm trying to convince Jack he needs to learn Japanese. He has aspirations for working for Nintendo. I said it would really help if he learned the language.

Oh, and I went through a love-my-roots thing. I think it lasted about 5 years or so.

Franko Gnedo said...

My father was Russian (Siberia) and the other half of me is very diverse. As he fled Russia when a toddler and grew up in Shanghai I also have a fascination with the orient. As I walked the streets of Shangahi at dawn remembering my father's stories I imagined that I may be walking in his foot steps from a very different Shanghai 50 years prior. One day soon I will visit Siberia. There is something special and spiritual about connections with our roots. Strangly it makes me feel grounded. Maybe that has somehing to do with why they are called roots?

zhen said...


haha there is a joke in Tasmania(originally a convict settlement) that everybody is related to everybody...the product of interbreeding cos it is so small.

Not a bad idea, I already flip a coin for a lot of decisions ;)

Dina, and language seem more like superficial connections that anybody can do with some learning...I think roots are something...MORE. Was his mum a good cook? I find if people's mums were a bad cook their ability to cook their ethnic food is pretty bad. I think for me this is not so much a temporary phase as an "appreciation" developed for my roots.

FG, apparently if I had grown up in Russia I would be chopping wood in Siberia already, lol! Check out VZ the photographer my other blogger friend who shares your heritage...
I have been to asia once in my was major culture shock...I can't say I don't feel some anxiety when visiting asia...luckily I have some east-west friends who can hold my hand a bit (hopefully)...and help smooth over the transition.