Thursday, April 1, 2010

Uncharitable Rants

Okay maybe I got drained by patients but I'm feeling cranky so in the tradition of this week here we go with a list of what is pissing me off currently:

>How the digital era has flooded the market with too much crap photography with amateurs who just excessively Photoshop and crop and think this constitutes saleable art.

>Spambots who like to projectile vomit daily comments about Viagra and New York Escort Girls.

>People who are control freak, anal and domineering and won't let people have their own unique opinions.

>Selfish and inconsiderate people, and people who just have no idea...

>People who have no imagination and thus cannot put themselves in other people's shoes.

>People who can't think outside of a box and can't cope with people who think outside of a box.

>Neighbours who feel a need to chain smoke at erratic wee hours.

>The Drongos that overwhelmingly inhabit my immediate geography.

In any case as you can see, I'm sick of being "nice and tolerant" - it hardly seems fair that it's always up to just a few people to raise the bar...It's really unintuitive... more like a conscientious effort.

No energy for it at the moment. Despite the rants, everything's Ooooo- Kay, I guess, just*busy* and still feels like I'm swimming against a tide. I'm dreaming of the Swiss Alps, peace and quiet...I don't know but I just feel that Switzerland = civilised...

I have no idea how I will deal without my usual Easter escape-arghhhh!


markymark2099 said...

Switzerland is the best!!! Wish I was back there again

HappyOrganist said...

I can't cope with people who think outside the box.


Dina said...

I am totally behind you here.

These are almost exactly the same thoughts I've been having lately.