Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving Forward. Moving Forward.

I really want to see the movie "ADAM" cos I think I am not unlike an Aspie sometimes.

In any case New Pastures. New Horizons. Just waiting for the practicalities to fall into place eg...time, money...no more noose like studies around my neck.

Change...why does it always instil FEAR. Someone's Kidneys need tonifying, lol.

Anyway, back to burning the midnight oil even though it's midday :P With any luck I will be escaping to a fantastic acreage in some days to come- just to recover some sanity and recuperate these laboured Lungs....People who chain smoke, I Despise you All! If I had God-like powers I'd banish you all to live in a locked up chimney for the rest of your lives! And give you Chinese dripping water on forehead torture so you'd never be able to sleep again-only then would you appreciate the torture you inflict on others!!! :-PPP

1 comment:

HappyOrganist said...

you have God-like powers - or didn't you notice?


(a little tipsy in the States..) ;/