Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My b'day twin and I were daydreaming escapes. Hers involved travelling all over the world and learning that culture's national dance...India! We both agreed that would be fun. Also some good old fashioned bootscooting and linedancing in some country hick place.

Mine varies from day to day- today I imagined being kidnapped by some fur hooded eskimos on a sled dragged by huskies across the Arctic circle or having some Swiss grandpa with a fortune founded in chocolate adopt me as some kind of prodigal son.

My birthday twin concludes...I just seriously need a) a holiday and b) decent SLEEP/peace/rest/quiet.

I concur...oh and some wholesome company where rather than my usual thought of "ick/urgh go away I don't want to know you" I can think "wow you are so cool, I actually want to know you".

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