Sunday, August 29, 2010

In 160Gb...Heaven! ♥

I bet lots of young'uns are laughing at how "cute" Old Grandma so excited about my new Classic IPOD. Really, Grandma is amazed. I can't believe I was operating on a piddly 4Gb black and white screen for so damn long...

So anyway now that the Full Moon has blown over I'm feeling much better, thanks. Or maybe it really is like how I say: Music IS my Salvation.

In any case it's great being an introvert-it's so easy to keep self occupied and entertained and unbored...if anything, too busy and too little time and energy to engage in ALL the things I want to do. But what little I am doing is fun all the same :)

P.S H.O, you'll be pleased I just discovered how to do a - so you're gonna get ♥ ♥ ♥ - too much loving! ha-ha *LOL


Anonymous said...

160 Gb isn't that 16 Gb ? Every 3-4 years I hope to catch my music collection on a mp3 player. But every time it seems that my collection doesn't fit on my player. So now I just shuffle everything. That leads to strange combinations :)

zhen said...

Nope! ^^ Get with the times're starting to show your age...haha!

Grandma x

zhen said...

I think you should follow my trend and get one too...hopefully you can fit your whole collecion :)