Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Art of Penpalship!

Is "penpalship" even a word? I am too lazy to verify.

Anyway I'm quite excited lately because since it struck me how impersonal and unnatural the modern world and modern society is in almost all today's manifestations, I've been drawn to rectify that in some part, in my own little I've made snail mail penpals out of some of my good friends overseas...and let's face it, it's a little more effort than email but it's so much fun getting letters!

So yes along with my meet one new person a week project, I think it will help me feel more connected to other human beings. I think it's something much needed for almost every INTJ!


HappyOrganist said...

You know what's funny? I should tell this to Dina, I guess. I had a penpal in Australia years ago - when I was about ... I don't know - 6th grade? I didn't keep in touch with her (I was a crappy penpal. at least I was at that age. Much better now!).. Only exchanged a few postcards with her (and I had never met her in person, either. It was my parents who set us up.)
Well it's just interesting to think back to that now that I know you and Dina (and everyone else in the circles). But obviously you and Dina are the ones that make this story interesting for me.

And btw Zhen, we need more snail mail in these days of pushing buttons instead of talking TO THE PEOPLE STANDING NEXT TO YOU

ah - one of my little soap boxes

I can't stand it. People talking to 'themselves' in the grocery stores (on the phone. stupid ear phones).

actually have a funny story about this I should tell sometime...

markymark2099 said...

I'm too lazy to write snail mails :P But don't worry, i'll get to it one day!

Evil Shannanigans said...

I would love a penpal but I am too lazy and undependable to write letters consistently. Getting mail is so much fun

David said...

You're lucky to get an email from me in any time less than a month let alone a snail mail letter!

Anonymous said...


I just deleted the text I was writing by accident. this is definitely something that would not happen with writing instead of typing.
I was talking about my uni assignment about Virginia Woolf's "madness". There is one thing (and this is really the only one) I am jealous of: her letters and how normal and common it seems. how she speaks differently depending on the addressee. marvelous!
I do agree on the topic about modern society being detached in a way (even though it comes in handy that my computer tells me when I misspell something..).

if anyone might be interested... (what a strange way to get to know someone...)
you may contact me:

I hope not to sound creepy if I do please ignore me :)