Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Global warming is affecting my sleep!

Not sure if it's the geographic or scientifically correct term but I dreamt of Continental Drift last night!!!

I was standing on a rock cliff or the earth's crust or something and other pieces had broken off and were floating away. I managed to jump into a small silver cauldron and float to the next piece of floating rock.

What a bizarre dream. Would appreciate any "deep" analyses of what it all means!

Not sure how it came about-possibly cos at the beach the other day I couldn't lie on the sand cos the waves were so huge the entire beach got consumed!!! And I attribute that very strange & crazy event to...Global Warming!!! :P


HappyOrganist said...

mm.. that's easy. It means you fear you'll be in stuck (continentally speaking) where you are now forever!
and you have to hurry and jump soon (may I take this opportunity to put another plug for Utah) or you'll drown and/or never ever get away from where you are now.

And that's my deep analysis.

Okay - so I have ANOTHER one, if you're interested. But it's about the literal separation of the tribes of Israel and such... You haven't been pondering that lately, have you?


Hey guess what. I was bored as heck the other day (last week) and took a few more ('cause more is better) of your favorite Meyer/Briggs tests.. And I wish I could find on your page here what I wrote down my score was the last time. It was interesting b/c the first two tests I took this time had completely opposite results (except the I was consistent). And a third test yielded the exact same result as one of the first two (so I'm guessing that's the more reliable answer)> At any rate, it's fun (and yeah I was that bored).

zhen said...

great analysis HO, who knew continental drift was so straight forward! ;)

damn, i think i need some serious earth moving equipment...

p.s so what were your MBTI elucidations?

HappyOrganist said...

man you use big words.
MBTI results were as follows:
test 1 - INTP
2 - ISFJ (completely opposite almost!)
3 - ISFJ "or perhaps ISFP" .. but looking at it - I really feel that J is more accurate ;)

So when I get super bored - I'll maybe check around on your page and see if I can find what my score was the last time I took those tests.. I know I wrote it somewhere on here a while back. I'm guessing it was the ISFJ again. That'd be interesting.
Anyway.. now don't laugh - but even though you've mentioned a million times what you are - I don't remember what it is - except that it's extraordinarily introvert........
The funny thing is I'll only have to go to the last post to look it up again. ha!

HappyOrganist said...

okay - I'm goofing off with my husband here. He says that he got all excited (years ago) when he got into this. He is "INTP" - and he really loves (understatement, really) this explanation of him. He says it's so accurate (and very flattering. of course. ) but I read through it - and it IS extraordinarily accurate. I thought you'd enjoy that. He says he printed it out and kept it with him (this description) for a long time.
what a rurkey
As I'm reading through my own (and I have to laugh at yours - although I haven't poured through it yet), some of mine seems wrong. So I dunno... but other parts are correct.

so there ya go.
You know I'm gonna make fun of you now.. this page has you labeled 'Scientist' to my 'Nurturer'

oh - and C says (just now) that he agrees with that parts of my type don't fit me. He figures I've lied on my test.

HappyOrganist said...

Okay Zhen - after a lot of hard work - I've finally figured it out. You can see here if you like.
Try not to spit your food out when you read.

Franko Gnedo said...

What a fantastic dream its like I can see it and feel it. I'm sure the beach and waves you saw the other day helped with the visuals for your dream. I suppose the scene is quite scary. So I would say you were feeling fear. To me the dream has something to do with being scared about a change and that if you make that change you feel that your future will be at the whims of the uncontrollable and unkown ocean currents. Also maybe there is a fear that your future maybe confined to that small piece of floating rock until it hopefully collides with another continent (or a beautiful island paradise).

I don't think its neceassarily about the physical place of where you live, it may be about your career, your views, thoughts or love or who you are.

BTW rocks don't normally float :) Although I suppose continents are just floating rocks.

zhen said...

INTP! I knew there was something I just "liked" instinctively about C. Wow known so many of your obnoxious ESFP brood...lots of small doses! Much Kudos to C for putting up with you-haha!

zhen said...

Interesting FG. I didn't feel fearful at all...more like a panic like I had to hurry and act quickly- I think HO's intepretation was pretty spot on I think- I don't want to be stuck here(it's really the geography and about liking my environment)!!! I guess not being stuck here requires jumping guts and some effort and pro-activeness on my part! Mind you I still will never bungy jump...I'm not CRAZY!

I still have no idea how I could fit so easily in a small silver cauldron- I guess I have been watching too much I dream of Jeannie, lol.

HappyOrganist said...

it's balance. it's all about balance.

zhen said...

oh stop sound sounding so deep and philosophical HO...I still need the laughs! LOL