Sunday, August 22, 2010

"You're a Full Blown Hippy!"

My mother decided I've become this lately.

I'm glad to say I'm SERIOUSLY enjoying it. Had heaps of fun at an organic expo and totally stuffed my face COS I COULD. And what greater joy is there to stuff face with lots of good food and have no limits?!

Anycase now that I'm going all chemical free etc I can't do a whole lot that used to bring me joy eg:eating out with friends, which is good cos that means I can save my money for very selective and costly things(yes, unfortunately going chemical free is seriously expensive...sad to admit I am a High Maintenance Girl...cos my food bills alone could buy a house! But hey, life is too short to eat crap and put crap into your body.

Anycase my favourite parts were discovering ingenious inventions that support a more sustainable natural lifestyle such as the very fun idea of "aquaponics" eg kill 2 birds with one stone-use your pet fish poos to grow some nice vegetables which grow so many times faster than in conventional soil :)

I also enjoyed the scientific talks on reducing toxic load in the modern world.

Trying all the different products that I couldn't ingest.

Finding out about soapnuts-little nut things that can be used instead of normal laundry detergent.

But at the end of the, glorious food! Yay says this piggy. Now that's my idea of a GOOD TIME! *lol

I didn't make such a huge dent this time...but that's cos I'm still researching and deciding what designs etc I want on some of the bigger purchases eg a ceramic water purifier. (I got a really cute little BPA free Stainless Steel water bottle which says "Hippy" all over it- lol...will have to upload a pic sometime.)

I also want to get this hippy band thing for my energetic field but alas they ran out of my size...but will get one eventually-lol talking to the chick she said I was not the first energetic healer to come and say "I'm REALLY SENSITIVE" and report all the weird bodily sensations she could feel immediately.

Oh the other fun part was being amongst weird bubble people like me...if anything even more fussy and affected than me...complaining about all flame retardant in the carpet causing their various ailments etc etc. I guess having lived in such crap chemicals for so long so intensely I'm not gonna whinge like the people who are used to the clean serenity of natural farms day though...I'm still gunning to go hermit on a desolate island one day as soon as feasible :)


james said...

I'm a bit of a hippy too, though having grown up in Northern NSW I tend to reject the stereotype having studied at university that once you name yourself, you become something other than yourself.

Franko Gnedo said...

Hey Hippy Zhen. Aquaponics sounds great. I have been thinking about it for quite awhile. But I would eat my fish as well as the veges. I really like the simple efficient energy cycle of aquaponics. Ahh a desolate island with waves and living off the land and water sounds like a heaven.

Anonymous said...

I think dreads would look good on you.

zhen said...

Hey James,

a good friend once told me I'm like someone with MPD without the "Disorder" bit, lol...I like to interpret it with a well cut gemstone analogy (e.g beautifully multifaceted ;) and take comfort in that at least that means I'm not Boring!

I think every person has at least two selves: their self and their observed self.

zhen said...

Xebeche I think you could be on to something. Except that they're so unhygenic! And I do love "nature" but not creepy crawlies calling my head home!

zhen said...

FG, yeah Aquaponics is such a clever set up...the fish would be wasted on me though- I know I'd get too attached and can't eat your pets!!! I think for a big set up I'd keep koi just cos they do look beautiful...actually I'd like to grow lotus flowers on the top too so they have nice shade to hide under and safe away from the birds. I'm also going to keep fluffy footed chickens to lay fresh organic eggs. I like ducks but apparently duck eggs taste funny.