Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Chemical...Free Lifestyle.

I know that title would have rung better in the ears as "My Chemical Romance" but I'm not a fan of the band and I definitely don't have any kind of love relationship with chemicals! :p

So anyway it's been a solid 2 months that I've been on a chemical free lifestyle...well at least in what I'm ingesting....full my food bills alone are enough to make any working man's pocket cry!

But I'm not complaining. Even during the massive stints or weird limitation diet, it's all been very delicious- amazing how much so actually when you get back to basics...and the natural flavours of food and simple combinations just like how nature intended. I also don't think vegetarianism is difficult at all...I rarely find that I crave meat, probably because it's pretty easy to get anough nutrients from superfoods like quinoa, my latest favourite food discovery.

In any case yesterday in my biggest misdemeanour from a "good, healthy" diet yet...I ended up downing a double gelato- and boy did that feel good, lol! (Even though it's winter)...In any case, at least it was really chemical free...actually the coconut flavour was pretty strong...I'm not sure how much I like old coconuts, I guess that is the South East Asian-ness in me...we like our coconuts young and green! Meanwhile I am still waiting for someone to develop a good Open Drinking Coconuts all in one no fuss, low fuss kind of deal for uncos scared of huge big cleavers like me! Back to the gelato though, texture wise it was pretty good- no gross icey or sugary inconsistencies! There was a while back there in youth actually that I ate so much gelato and had to try all the different flavours and all the different shops that my friend encouraged me to become a gelato reviewer...obviously that never happened, just cos I was too lazy to make a site and write up reviews...but I'll give you good feedback if you ever want an opinion...I've always wished there were some good commerical purposes for some of my (very few) but unique and not widely applicable abilities...having incredibly sensitive and discerning tastebuds would be one of them...Masterchef contenders-eat your heart out! However do not invite me into an onion chopping contest. I'll end up crying doubly!

So anyway it was a pretty nice day yesterday relative cos I spent most of it with my two closest gfs left in this city...and not only that we took an extended time out to just chat. I was really amazed that we got away with going awol without being reprimanded for so long- sometimes you find kind souls and kindred spirits in the most unexpected of places^^! Anyway it was one of those in depth chat sessions I really probably have needed for a while. And I heard one of the most interesting stories of my friend's birth that I will definitely file into my top 10 of most intriguing real life things- still at no1 I for me would probably be the guy who grew up with his family living under a bridge for 2 years! Just cos I never met anyone who has done that before!

In other things I feel a bit sorry for one of my doctors. LOL, I think he gets the bad end of the stick in terms of Scorpios being quite unrelenting, dogged and persistent...just won't take no for an answer! I'm sure he was thinking, boy these people just don't give up! And no I wasn't looking for a date, H.O, lol...I'm not THAT fun and unpredictable!

HOWEVER. I was on the net last night and I'm sure if my dad's eyesight were any good he would have, my daughter has finally lost her marbles! Cos I was perusing all these "beauty" types sites, not cos I finally succumbed to Barbie-doll ness, rather that I'm on the verge of trying to consolidate my chemical free lifestyle moving towards absolutely no more chemical nasties in the things that my skin absorbs... and I do need quite a bit of sunscreen right now ;)

So anyway, the final last twist of the last day or so is that I might have to be closer to shores for my 3-0 yet...which I haven't dared mention to my friend across the Tasman who was hoping I'd be there to make her daily life a little less drudgery! So anyway that's requiring another alternative backup plan cos the last thing I want is to be stuck in this damn city for it!

And finally, in my meet a new person a week project (which I am starting to think knowing my antisocial like to homebody alone tendencies, was a little ambitious...)...I might actually be meeting for the first time a blogging friend in real life since he's in town! So that could be fun/interesting. I think if there weren't an a shared MUSIC interest and curiosity about INTJs, I probably wouldn't have entertained being that social....yep, I still feel guilty about being too lazy and chicken to meet up with Dina...

So anyway to conclude this extensive self indulgent self entertaining ramble, all things life never has been and still never gets...boring. And for that, I am somewhat grateful! :)

P.S My Secret Confession: I actually really find the Mozilla Dinosaur very cute. If I was actually a bonafide geek and had more need for more "stuff", I would so totally donate to that open fund just to get the character on a tshirt which I would use as pajamas just so there wouldn't be the shame of outing myself as a cuteness geek on the street...sucker, I know.


HappyOrganist said...

don't I know it =)

HappyOrganist said...

i'll have to tell Cody about the mozilla dinosaur thing.. I'll let you know if he pokes fun ^^

- J

Dina said...

You SHOULD be chicken to meet me. I'm VERY intimidating.

No seriously. I get horribly nervous about meeting people too. Although maybe I've gotten a little better about it.

Hope your meeting with an online friend goes very well!!!

zhen said...

don't you know what? i thought you know EVERYTHING H.O! don't disappoint me!!! ;) p.s trust you to read to the end, you teach me important lessons about "devotion" HO...LOL.

Hmm that a challenge? Now I definitely need to meet you! LOL

zhen said...

Dina...why can't we post comments anymore? I was gonna add my 2c...if they have a limit on judges they should have a limit on doctors, especially ones that are still doing surgical procedures! oh and pilots and bus drivers...

HappyOrganist said...

don't I know that you're not 'that' fun and unpredictable =)

nice what you said about devotion, though. I'm gonna go write it down. It's ALL in how you frame it, eh?


Dina said...

I put an age limit on comments.

You have to now be younger than thirteen to say anything on my blog
; )

Evil Shannanigans said...

Just take the plunge and go veggie! I actually need a detox after all the food and booze I indulged in on my two week holiday. I shudder to think of the chemicals leaking from my pores ;)