Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I'm feeling happy about: Decluttering for a good cause!

I like how when tragedy does strike such as in the case of the Victorian Bushfires recently, I like how it inspires the best in people-particularly a generosity of spirit we don't often witness otherwise(especially unusual for the big city!)...

In any case, being a student with miserable income I like to help how I for me it was braving the dark wet and rain and making myself head out to buy as much as I could carry late Friday night....since the supermarket was donating all profits to the Bushfire victims.

Tonight I got off my ass and started to declutter the house- starting to gather whatever spares I have of everything to donate. Geez it's scary how much unnecessary STUFF I have! I've noticed Asians and particularly people who grew up as poor migrants tend to being such huge's completely irrational but it's an inherent socialisation that needs to be consciously unlearnt. So I thought turning my house upside down digging for spares of everything was a good start :)

Too much physical baggage (attachment) somehow translates to me as oppressive spiritual burden too...I don't NEED so much STUFF!!! (They say two key behaviours that benefit Scorpios is to find things to let go of and throw out everyday, as well as learning forgiveness).

Apart from that I'm feeling really happy about discovering Bpay View(viewing bills online)...I guess I got so busy I had just been in "survival" mode and living on "habit"....cos you know, change can take a bit of effort for us inflexible types...LOL

So anyway I'm really happy I'll cut down on all the paper wastage that goes into my bills and will save me time and space by not having to open and store the paper...unfortunately I am not willing to do the same transition for music...I still need tangible hard CDs with album art, lyrics and the works!!! :)


Anonymous said...

You could walk around in a pink heart shaped suit yesterday to earn more money. Some students offered me candy yesterday in those suits.

Ps. Don't forget the Belgian chocolate

miruspeg said...

I did a big shop at Coles on Friday as well. It is wonderful the generosity of spirit the Australian community is feeling at this moment in time.

Hey way to go decluttering and donating your spare stuff. I am a bit of a hoarder myself and I definitely need to consciously unlearn that habit.


mscherrylane said...

Um E nice idea but not for me thanks!!...I don't think extreme extroversion can be taken on board when one is an extreme intovert.

oh yes...I forgot this week I may try some Callebaut at the exclusive restaurant where we know the head pastry chef ;)(if so I'll be sure to take my camera to document!!)...that Belgian Cote D'Or we get in our normal supermarket is very very bad I must say though. Guylian is nice though :)

Thanks with your being you can just radiate light and make people's day :) be of benefit to the community I need to take practical measures such as my career and donation of material goods...

But maybe one day I'll radiate light effortlessly too LOL!

Shannanigans said...

then when you're done you can come declutter my life for a good cause...ME

mscherrylane said...

S...yeah maybe...if ever Canada decides it wants an Australian refugee ;)