Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fruit Smorgasboard...Hot!

I was out west yesterday...It must have been close to 40 degrees.

The sun beating down with the smoking heat rising off the tarmac was truly oppressive. I felt embarrassed at the thought of being compelled the way of the stereotypical asian chick in that I might just have to start carrying sun parasols...

Last night was a trying exercise in sleep-one of many of late. Not only must we contend with uncomfortable ambient temperature, stagnant airflow and humidity but the air is also thick with smoke from bushfire.

I am truly tempted to get an air conditioning unit, however I am wary of the way my power bills will spike if I do.

So I am staying indoors within the shady, relatively cool confines of my home...I guess I'll get a couple more films under my belt- not very productive- but it is too hot to do much else!

Yesterday I found myself thinking, oh well at least if this old soul business is correct, hopefully I won't have to witness the truly extreme stages of global warming ending life on this planet....ergh who wants to baked like a bacon chip- what a way to go!

The only real upside to the Summer is the smorgasboard of fruits I am spoilt with- for breakfast today I had fresh figs and cherries. My other favourites are blueberries, mangoes, watermelon, golden peaches, white nectarines and red papayas! Miam miam!


Anonymous said...

So funny to read about the heat of summer when much of our continent has been freezing! Lucky for me I moved out of those cold parts :) Enjoy the movies and fruit...yummy!

markymark2099 said...

How crazy is this heat wave...sheesh. Need to go beach and enjoy it while it time this weekend though :( Figs are the BEST!!

Shannanigans said...

I lurve cherries. I also love heat but haven't had much here lately...lots of cold and snow though

Ahhh I am counting down the days until I am once again sweltering in my bedroom with the fan going, bitching about the heat and complaining about no air conditioning. Memories!