Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Spring Chicken!

eh, I'm still tiiired so just some dot points:

I had this amazingly aromatic Polish Bison Grass Żubrówka Vodka from Bialystock (I got my cheap thrills just from the name being the same as Max Bialystock in "The Producers" which I was fortunate enough to see on Broadway in NYC :)

In any case the aftertaste overwhelmingly reminded me of acupuncture swabs and later on. my stomach lining felt like it was eroding so lucky I had some boiled potatoes and milk in the fridge to help reline my stomach!

I discovered the most delicious drink ever -from Sweden :) - Kobbarbergs Pear Cider. Now I really need to get to Ikea so that I can load up on more of that and try some of that Marabou.
Chocolate speaking I'm still liking Italian made UK brand Green and Black's, Dutch Droste and my latest discovery German Ritter. Wow who knew there were such interesting stories behind chocolate bars...

I got to fly my first remote control helicopter- it was a lot more skill intensive than I thought- anyway I'm glad that even though I crashed it it still managed to survive for another life LOL

Anyway Big Thanks to P who played host and even managed to cough up a very impressive home made roast which was great considering the incredibly wet and wintry weather we've had all week!

Hope you had a Fun "VD"! Lol, before when I thought of Valentine's Day, tacky commercial cringeworthy red hearts and red roses would come to though S has given me this new abbreviated "VD" perspective so first and foremost another kind of VD comes to mind...LOL!

In any case I was intrigued to find out that in some parts of the world the 14th of February is also known as St Triphun's Day = Drunkards Day...LOL

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