Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alma Mater

Returned for the first time in quite a few years...(although unfortunately unlike my talented relatives it was neither to present nor receive an award! ;)

In a word...WEIRD.

Brought loads of memories back and transported me back to a time when life was so young and carefree and the extent of your most pressing problems was choosing which guy to be interested in...lol.

Couldn't help visiting old haunts- some things like the horrible smelling pink soap in the dispensers and the musty, mouldy smell of old books in the library were exactly the same, yet there were also signs of lightyears of progress: new buildings had popped out of nowhere!

The university has obviously fared very well from the international and fee paying student dollar...I have to say I really appreciated all the improvements and was very impressed with the architecture - the best concentration of modern architecture I've seen here - a great change from the monolithic eyesores that dominated during my days.


Shannanigans said...

ahh the pink soap....I see some things are the same no matter where you live

Elsie said...

LOL - when you said Alma Mater, I thought of high school!