Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can Ducks Smell?

So anyway lately I have been visiting my old town....whadda...SANCTUARY!

I'm tempted to just pack in all ambitions and go back there and get a job as a check out chick just for the peace and quiet space and ease of breathing and constant...stress free JOY.

Everybody needs a Sanctuary. I have one or a few in the city and one or a few out of the city, but not sure if that is enough, if I had my way the only place I would exist would always be a sanctuary.

In any case in my one of the ones out of the city...I get visited by this very specific husband and wife duck couple...

they are so good to drop by and say "Hi!"when I'm in town no matter what time or place that I wondered "Can Ducks Smell?" As in, are they able to discern my unique smell and know it's me in town and hence come to visit?

My friend tells me "Sure they can smell they have nostrils on their bill!" Whaddaya know! I have some Good Duck Friends!!-wow, that just makes my day! LOL

In other daily trivia I just had to post a pic of this fantastic card

sent to me by my blogger friend HO....Gosh I love this card...especially the little cupcake in the lollypop if you look carefully. I showed my mum and she sighed with exasperation and just said "just like a little kid!" LOL, HO you are included...she thinks you are a child too...except I defended you that you have 3 rugrats, lol.

In any case I also thought the sticker was a good call...

p.s if you were interested, I don't eat duck...every duck is my friend...I LOVE DUCKS!!!


HappyOrganist said...

Well if your mom thinks that's cool, she should see the drawings Dina and I have traded on occasion ;)

JJ Beazley said...

Maybe you smell of underwater flora. That's what ducks eat. Maybe they want to eat you.

Did you know that they often nest in trees, and push their chicks out to plummet when they're ready to fledge? They sometimes nest on high ledges in the city, which can be a bit hazardous for them.

I regard all animals as friends, which is why I'm vegetarian.

Being an overgrown kid is good, in my opinion.

Zz... said...

ho, i can't draw these days but i welcome budding artist drawings haha...

maybe i do smell of underwater flora jj..

JJ Beazley said...

You're not quite your usual quirky, bouncy self Zhen. Hope you're OK.

Evil Shannanigans said...

Sorry I missed your bday, but I am so bad for mailing stuff I would have forgot even if I remembered. So happy late late bday!

I love the ducks. We used to have families of ducks out at camp when we were kids. I love them! And I'm sure you smell fine