Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No offence but...

just about everyone particularly under the age of 40 bar INTJs strike me as kinda...seriously...NUTS!!!

Just a random thought...the funniest part is that my INTJ friend happened to come to the very same conclusion re that most people seem INSANE on the very same day!

See, you think we're weird, us INTJs...the green aliens are looking right back at ya...haha

Had a really good day yesterday(probably cos it was a day free of above forementioned crazies!)

Actually it was such a good day I think I will do the same every year...but I'm not blogging the details lol...too many people would be laughing their pants off at me :P

Anyway thanks for your wishes :)


HappyOrganist said...

Did my package get there? You know what I did? I put similar items in a box and put the same exact words you used on your customs slip, just to see if the same thing would occur.

so that's the punchline. I hope it shows up.
If it doesn't, I think I know the culprit behind that (if it is not really machinery). I overheard the postal worker telling another client that you have to be specific on your customs declaration, otherwise they will be opened. However, nobody asked me any extra questions about the box I mailed (so possibly it's good enough). I don't know. ^^

JJ Beazley said...

I hardly know you, Z, but so far you haven't seemed weird to me. Like it or loathe it, the phrase that springs to my mind would be 'engagingly eccentric.' I think I might be doing the classic JJ foot-in-mouth thing again.

Zz... said...

not yet HO! LOL yeah i think americans are extra anal about it cos they need to be.

JJ, you're 40+ right? enough said. LOL i suspect at my age you were probably the same, your own age people lived on another planet...and regarded you as insane just as you regarded them as insane, lol.

I hang out with seniors just fine if that says anything, LOL.

Evil Shannanigans said...

Hey I'm not weird!

OK I am. But I'm pretty sure I will be weird when I am over 40 too