Sunday, November 28, 2010

Overheard: Sydney...from a Brit's Perspective

JJ this post is dedicated to you-how timely, on your birthday!!! so smooth...yikes, people might start suspecting me of being a Sagittarian, lol...

So, I was sitting on the bus tonight...when this COMPLETELY drunkard man plops himself next to me almost rolling over- has absolutely no sense of polite own bubble space, turns on this annoying noisy little radio which you're not sure if holding to his ear he is talking to it or listening to it, goes and harrasses old people on a nearby seat, starts ranting something about the war and Germans, stinks of something like red wine and drinks something out of a stained takeaway coffee cup which judging by the heavy reek was probably red wine.

So anyway an amused Brit sitting on an adjacent seat to me is chatting to his friend (back home) on his mobile phone...I overheard him saying something along the lines of:

"So you know Sydney is so famous for all its beaches and all that...well you know what else there are SHATLOADS OF TWATHEADS as well! "(He said something like that...not sure if I caught the expressions right, if they are the expressions I'm very amused :)...the gist I got if I were to translate it into Australian...that Sydney also has shitloads of serious loonies and wacked out people all over the place."

Anyway he was listening to the drunkard and laughing and I was listening to him and laughing while trying to avoid the drunkard sitting on me and falling all over me. If I was in a less tolerant mood and had a big old handbag I would have just wacked the drunkard over the head, (or was at least tempted in my imagination...)

Anyway I am sooooo tired....totally socially drained and exhausted and need bed desperately so will leave this very clumsy inarticulate post here...I just thought it was funny.


JJ Beazley said...

Wow, Zhen. Thank you. You got the expression about right. 'Twatheads' is the updated version of 'dickheads' now that sex discrimination isn't allowed.

My worry is that I become the guy with the coffee cup. Nah, not in public...

Please try never to become a Saggie. I don't generally get on with them. We compete.

HappyOrganist said...

I'd love to see that handbag bit. Don't think you'd have the guts to do it. hahah

but that would be interesting

I'm also tired. YOU should get some rest! I'll go shovel. =)