Sunday, September 26, 2010

I can see your insides.

I showed my mate some cool thermographic pictures I got taken the other day sharing thinking "hey check out this cool technology" and he surprised me by saying "wow they're pretty personal and erotic they're even more personal then if you sent me naked pictures of yourself!" And this guy is a major porn-o-holic!

Bizarre...meanwhile I just see beautiful rainbow colours and am wondering how this may be related technology to that used in Kirlian cameras to take pictures of auras?

Anyway it puzzles me how most people my age guys or gals seem so sex obsessed and mating's kinda boring and gets old after an umpteenth conversation on the old soul mate reckons the dissonance with me is a soul age thing and that the majority of the world are younger souls so hung up on satisfying their most primal needs immediately... Maybe that's why I always found the majority of the world have not a whole lot too interesting to say...and I'm really quite contented preferring my own company hermiting in nature nine out of ten times. Most people think that is extremely boring, but it works for me ^^!

Another thing I noticed is I have eyes but what I see seems to be so different to what other people see. I can see someone but I don't really "look"...I can't actually quite remember if I met a whole lot of people before and have trouble recognizing people I know if they didn't actually indicate that they know me first if I've only met them once or twice. I think it's cos I don't really look but also...I just see straight THROUGH them. Hence what I actually "see" is their insides, not their outsides. Hence don't even bother asking me did you see that person...unless they had on some seriously interesting costume like an elephant trunk, green face paint, spock ears and a feather boa purple tail. Cos really exteriors aren't of much consequence...I'm already scoping and digging around your insides!

I felt I had this done to me by two other people this year who also share this "ability". I realised it felt invasive and I didn't like it but I can't help myself. That's just the way I am and have always been....It's actually super handy having an in-built "crap detector" so you can fast forward past all the facades people put on 90% of the time. Anyway, just one of those *fascinating* random thoughts I get and felt like blogging at 5am in the morning(!) I realise I have been neglectful of my blog recently so hopefully this *fascinating* post makes up for it somewhat...sorry HO, I know it's my duty to keep you somewhat entertained, so the munchkins don't get you, lol!

p.s One weird thing I noticed is I can't often recall what people look like but I always remember voices...and have like some kind of permanent voice archive stored in my memory bank...


HappyOrganist said...

Phew! I'm glad you'll remember my voice forever.

i'm so tired.
Thanks for writing.
When I first read the title I was going to instantly respond accordingly "that's such a turn on!" .. and then I read on in your post, and *sigh* you're not talking about quite what I wanted - but Kirlian is interesting enough...... and then I was going to have fun telling you how snobby you are (punk), but then you had actually refer to me.
you are ruining all my fun. =D
and I still don't know why you are not on board with the primal thing. but okay.

So guess what! just got back from a church activity. had the most fun (sat with a table of hispanic women, and chatting it up like it was English and we're all sisters. well actually we are. but i'll shut up now). anyway it was FUN! I didn't know a one of them, I just asked to sit down with the two hispanic women who walked in at the same time I did and they didn't see any of their friends there. I said 'what the oh well' and asked if I could join them. Had the best evening of my life (well I do have a lot of 'em, I guess).
super fun.
oh - but why I brought this up at all is what the topic of the conference was (after dinner) - and at the end of that they spoke on charity. And not just Any charity - but the charity I like, which is seeing people for who they truly are (and not judging). I always come home crying from those things.

insides are cool.

You should please share if you ever get a Kirlian photo of yourself. I've always been very curious about that kind of thing (but too cheap to spend money on it..) ;D

Franko Gnedo said...

Unfortunately too many do not see through exteriors.

Whats this about a naughty little dog? They all are naughty and cute, like little people.

Evil Shannanigans said...

If you know about chakras, then you know that primal urges and sex all relate to the root chakra. Obsession with sex probably means an out of balance chakra, (not to be confused with a healthy sex life) I guess finding sexiness in a thermo image is like seeing sexiness in those inkblot tests. Maybe that is the new psyche analysis.

In response to the other half of your post, I can't remember names at all but always remember faces. What's really terrible is that if I don't think I'm going to ever see someone again, I on't even bother trying to remember a name.