Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Belated Weekend!

Got drunk on fresh air at a sculpture festival by the harbour challenging myself with the DSLR to take decent/interesting shots despite the challenge of frenzied crowds and harsh lighting…(conclusion: there does seem hope for me and digital photography yet…sorry too lazy to upload pics as too difficult to cull a shortlist…)

Saw a really fantastic Danish film “Brothers” which goes straight to the “Highly recommended” list!

Sunday was especially nice - the first relaxing peace and quiet to MYSELF I’ve managed to get in a seriously loooong time. Woke up LATE ^^, indulged in two episodes of my favourite serial right now MAD MEN, had an organic gourmet lunch of spicy chicken, veggies and quinoa, treated myself to a dessert of red papaya and organic strawberries with dark organic chocolate *swoon*, chatted with my mate who’s such a legend he made my head hurt even worse from laughing so much it got deprived of oxygen, took a leisurely hot bath of seasalt and essential oils, took a nap in my seriously comfy bed…and finally resolved something from the recesses of my mind that had been niggling me for a while…ALL IN ALL a pretty good day! =)

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Franko Gnedo said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend :) I have never been to Sydney but is the air that fresh in the harbour?