Friday, September 3, 2010

Stranger Stories a.k.a The Three Wise Men :)

It’s been an interesting random stranger week… three random strangers started random conversations with me in the past week or so…all OLD OLD MEN, lol…it’s like some kind of conspiracy theory- my mate says it’s cos I am more open to them hence my body language invites them as opposed to others…my theory is that although this may be true, there is some significant “other” factor cos It’s been happening for most of my life – that being that I suspect that really I am a really OLD man masquerading in the guise of a sweet and innocent looking young girl ;)


Was a brilliant engineer with THREE degrees and who somehow back in the day had managed to get his training in GERMANY and at MIT- wow that’s a list of impressive credentials…so the way we got talking was that I was sitting on the bus late one night carrying a bag with some of my old scans…the outside of the bag said “MEDICAL IMAGING” he asked me isn’t that just a fancy term for “x-ray”? Yeah, and then he went on to tell me how he used to take X-rays of big huge steel structures…this guy, okay I accidentally caught his eye which may have been why he took the liberty to “chat”.


Now this one WAS random! I was hanging around waiting to meet my bday twin to give her an umbrella she left behind while all the rest of the friends had gone ahead to lunch. So anyway, it was windy and I must have coughed but I don’t quite remember…a random voice from the side out of my vision just says “Are you Chinese?” I looked up and it was some old Chinese man. “No I can’t speak Chinese or any asian languages” I said defensively, being so sick of being asked for directions/help just cos I look asian but can’t actually communicate in asian. But I was too hasty to judge this man…he persists some more to keep asking me about my ethnicity…then after he verifies I have Chinese blood and from what region my long lost ancestors hail he says: “Take 4 slices of ginger and honey for your cough”. *what??!* Thinks me and suddenly my interest is perked…ARE YOU A CHINESE MEDICINE PRACTITIONER? I ask. LOL, yup. So anyway a nice conversation then ensues and he gives me his card, pokes out his tongue gesturing for me to poke out mine, take a look with a master’s eye and then proceeds to write a herbal formula for me on in elegant Chinese running characters on the back of his business card…


I was doing my usual organic produce shopping and I spied this man carefully choosing PARSNIPS. I watched him carefully trying to identify how he was selecting these, especially cos I had only ever bought and tried cooking parsnip just the week prior and have not yet mastered its inner workings, lol.

So anyway maybe he noticed but did not say anything.

Then later I was carefully eyeing some interesting plant which looked to me like a very cute and stout white radish…I was dying to know what it was but was waiting for someone to be free to ask. So anyway that same man then asks the fruiterer to lop off the sprouts on the top and then he casually remarks to me standing next to him…(again no eye contact)”these are really nice and sweet.” So my curiosity gets the best of me and I end up asking what it is –A TURNIP- and how to cook them…ah, nice intellectual cultured old man(I extrapolate that based on look) who is passionate about fresh produce and can cook. That’s Coolness J

Anyway other more random weird stuff happened this week but I thought having the same theme –the three wise old men-would make for a blog post.

As a random aside I saw a wall hanging that made a good point: To Me perhaps?

“For problems that can be fixed, what is the NEED of worrying?

For problems that can’t be fixed, what is the USE of worrying?”

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HappyOrganist said...

I like my bumper sticker better (not actually mine - but I saw it) "Expect miracles." !
love it.

and very nice on the old man stories. So the first wanted to verify that you were at least partially Chinese so that (theoretically) you wouldn't think him strange for offering his medical counsel?
And I like the guy at the market. He sounds friendly.
See? I told you that town weren't so bad (but you're in a different part now, huh..)