Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bye Bye SHY!

I know I usually document my anti-social introversion and social retardness in great depth to the ongoing amusement of my dear reader HO, but for a nice refreshing change I will document a small piece of success...or at least something that someone is definitely going to be SO PROUD of me about...the one amazing thing I did (well I think so) was I did a pretty good job of impostering an EXTROVERT(!) I also did something which on any given day in the past I would never have done and would have considered scary.

In any case my shy paralysis started wearing off about a week ago and since this week it just completely disappeared and now I find it a cinch to talk to anyone, make eye contact and even smile! *wow* I even could make polite small talk with people! and it was, wow, wow!

Anyway, that's what I call real PROGRESS. Well done to me! :)

Of course that doesn't mean I am now a social whore and no longer like my own company and don't need lots of alone time...


HappyOrganist said...

re: herbal concoctions - it's 'cause it has to balance out all the sweets (most of us) are eating. So naturally the yucky tasting herbs are going to be what is wanted.

oh - you shoulda tried (gosh I wish I knew which herb this was) this potion whatsherface gave me way back in the day. It was interesting. horrid - very horrible. I could only swallow a bit and almost fall over, it was that strong. But I WISH I knew what herb it was! I have my guesses as to what it was for (as far as calming spirit or lighting things on fire or what not). but I don't know for sure, and I wish I could look it up.
I COULD PAINFULLY sift through websites that document piles of chinese herbs (but I'm too lazy to spend more than 5 minutes doing so).


I am SO Proud of you! I like to take credit for your success. Can I? I am rubbing off on you?
I'm so thrilled!
my very first influencing someone for the better....... (Previously a very bad influence on people)

^^ (jk)

well that's awesome. Keep it up. It Gets EASIER!! And it's super fun to blossom into that personality of smiling (winking) at random strangers. Don't do this, though, at probably married military folk you see at the grocery store (that's kind of awkward. I did that once, and thought about it, and .. and then I saw that guy LATER in the store and was a little embarrassed). So don't go too overboard.

very happy for you kiddo.

zhen said...

haha you're gonna have to contend with another to try and claim the credit, lol.

p.s next time you want herbal clarification send me a photo and I'll try and do my best to identify them, however it will be hard for some of them unless there is such a thing as "smell-a-vision"! Z xo(feel the love... LOL!)

HappyOrganist said...

If I tell you it looked like a pile of dead weeds - does that help? I think they had tiny wads of cotton on the top of them. but beyond that.. i don't know. stick like things and puffs of cotton. I'm sure it's good for a liver or something.
All I know about the rest of the context (healthwise) (and I think this was only one herb, btw) was that I was either nervous about my brother's upcoming wedding at the time or it might have been right AFTERward, in which case, that makes very little sense at all.
i'm sure you can glean which herb it was.

dried, dead weed. stick. brown. and tasted somethin' nasty.

! ;D
Gosh I love acupuncture ☺

Franko Gnedo said...

I hope you enjoy life outside of team introvert. We will miss you :) Since my early teens friends (never family they always accept me the way I am) have encouraged me to "get out of my shell" I think they would say. A more extroverted life would have more possibilities and I do sometimes envy those extroverts. It seems though that is just not me. One day maybe it will happen but if it does I think it will come naturally not by effort..