Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm finding it a little challenging

living in the domain of young souls, aspiritual people, materially obsessed people...but hey the world is filled with all types...and we all need to cultivate tolerance, patience and forgiveness....*takes a breath and exhales*

Conclusion: I can only get to be an even cooler person from the exposure!

I do feel sorry however for people who are so insecure and attached to money that their daily life is governed by counting dollars and cents despite them having reasonable nests of golden eggs...I personally find it suffocating-this obsession-even by association...on another note I went to a High Anglican church was beautiful especially the singing but I have to admit I felt quite out of place amidst such tradition and ritual(which was as archaic/formal as what you'd typically associate with the Catholic church)...even as an observer not a participant I felt awkward...I think I'm just a contradiction...old fashioned values/morals yet modern/progressive unorthodox and unconventional! No wonder I am like an alien in this society. Most people are either strictly a or b but i am an ab...I guess that would explain my bloodtype ;)...and its minority status :P