Saturday, July 24, 2010

What does your Soul look like?

I saw this 'quirky as' movie during the week highly reminiscent of "Being John Malkovich"'s called "Cold Souls"....amusing, eccentric, original with pretty cool a way this movie could be seen as both "ridiculous" (if you're conservative)due to soul trading, soul smuggling mules, soul extraction and transplantation...but also "intriguing" if you are curious and cool like me ;) definitely it's a fun film for the "out of the square" bunch.

So anyway, our hapless protagonist's soul looks like a CHICKPEA. That got me thinking...what would mine look like? And what immediately came to mind was a bright light kingfisher blue eminence, kinda like a light- ebbing and flowing in intensity and in a 3D spherical kind of way like a star or a sun. And it would change colour...on happy or in my element days it might be golden and large or maybe it looks kind of a more subdued shimmery- a silvery luminescence perhaps, with a bit of a rainbow hue on the side :)


HappyOrganist said...

i don't know what my soul looks like, but it's Clean. Not a spot on it!


Cody says you can't raise goats and be a farmer. So which will you choose? =)

zhen said...

why do I have to choose? I could be a goat farmer! LOL

p.s thanks for that confession you sent me- TOTALLY GAVE ME A BIGGER HEAD! lol ;) ;)

p.p.s i've been submersed in dirty souls lately, ick, I just can't seem to wash my hands enough! do you feel like dirty souls just get drawn to cleanies like a perverted magnetic attraction? :P you know it;s like you just cleaned your white tile floor and then your kids HAVE to go crayola it!

HappyOrganist said...

oh zhen - did you miss my sarcasm?

actually it was only half so. But pretend I was being sarcastic and then read your own response again about dirty souls dragging me down?

Now did you have a good laugh? I hope so ;D

And no, you can't be a goat farmer. I mean WHO buys goats? or why would you raise them? I can't think of a single reason one could have for raising goats.

(oh and CRAYOLA is not the problem. it's the damn permanent markers @#$@#$!)

Franko Gnedo said...

Your soul sounds very pretty and girly :)

I read your post last night or the night before and I was thinking about the rainbow appearance of your soul. This morning when I was taking my kids to school we saw a beautiful rainbow in front of us and we could clearly see the end of the rainbow landing on the roof of a house. As we got closer the rainbow disappeared. Anyway your post and that rainbow and the words of my children created a little revelation in the my mind which I will try to explain in a post.

zhen said...

nice :)

guess what? the image that immediately came to mind of the look of your soul was...a traditional Scarpa hiking boot...Italian leather- quality - reliable durable hardy, a little scuffed, adventurous, likes being out in the elements and nature...

what did you see your soul as?

HO I agree you're clean I see you as a pristine white table cloth hanging out on a hills hoist blowing dry in the wind...if you look closely tho there is the faded remnant of all different colours of permanent marker scribble in a corner ;) oooh this soul envisioning is way too fun!!!

Franko Gnedo said...

Not an old boot :)

Actually I like your description a lot and I would love my soul to look like that.

At the moment I see my soul as a white light. I suppose a little boring compared to your description.

zhen said...

I didn't call you an old boot I called you a "quality" boot :)! and it looks like that cos that is what I "saw" :D

Actually I got thinking about this today and I worked out what mine would be as a tangible object in a glass bottle...I'm an...

OYSTER SHELL!!! you should see that chickpea movie-ever since I keep asking my mind's eye: what do people's souls look like? this exercise is providing endless entertainment and self amusement^^- today I worked out another besides my own- my mum- is a chicken egg.

zhen said...

p.s i gotta admit you hit on something I wasn't consciously aware of...cos two more people mentioned it- I AM kinda girly in certain ways...that's certainly a surprising revelation to me!