Friday, July 9, 2010

Communications from "The Cave"

So it's 3:32am and I am staving off the major urge to want to drink water...I hate these fast things...I can do food but water is tough. Oh well good practice for another one Monday :p

So random bits and pieces from the week as I try to distract self from this feeling of parchedness in my mouth and body. If anything a good inspiration to tolerate it is the documentary I saw on Robert Bogucki -if anything his story is a testimony to God!

Another thing I have noticed since moving out of a Dero area and into a Poshy one is that Male Chivalry is Not Dead. Something my Girrrly Bday Twin loves the idea of, but something that makes me cringe with embarrassment...round these parts it's always "Ladies First, After You"....(Problem is, I feel a bit awkward cos I still don't see myself as a "lady"...hehe although I often feel like A boy...Girl I do MOST often think I am a Grandma so maybe that's what these peeps are picking up on-Proper treatment of the Elderly! hehe.

Speaking of my B'day Twin- she gave me the most Ego-Boosting Compliment the other day^^! Basically she was reflecting on all this time I've been Missing In (In)Action and concluded that Daily Life has become Dull and Lost its Colour without me around...Basically any other compliments will just slide down my back but being remembered as "interesting" will always give the Big Old Head a bit more unrequired aeration ;)

In other things, I've been surprisingly Busy- being sick is a full time job! So I never got around to curating an Online Art Exhibition yet- one of the ideas I had in the pipeline initially for how to keep myself entertained after examining two big ass Art Volumes my dad strangely acquired.

What else is up? Oh The World Cup of course! Poor, Poor Germany...says this Germanophile - to be honest though I am actually quite happy that Spain beat them cos they were getting a little too big for their boots especially after some of their I'm divided over which team to gun for in the finals...Do I go for the team with the cute orange striker or the team with which I love their culture? lol, what a dilemma!

Ha, and finally, that is my conclusion after so long with my boots up...most conversations, people and comments these days seem incredibly trivial during this somewhat deep, philosophical and spiritual time but then I remember...Triviality is what makes the edges of my eyes crinkle with delight from sheer amusement....I guess you gotta be in the mood though...too much of idle trivia can also get annoying especially when you want some depth and meaning...

So cheers to Bloggers and Blogging - delivering the best of both worlds! :)


markymark2099 said...

Cave??? You sound like Sid :) I think i'll go for Holland for the World Cup Win!!! Hope everything's ok on your end, miss our chats!!

HappyOrganist said...

So why are we not drinking water? ??
This girl's supposed to fast once a month, but we still drink water. So are you going in for surgery or something?
Hope not.

I haven't been up on the World Cup happenings, but I think Cody's favorite team is still winning. ;D

G W G said...

Re last para! It gotta be a balance of both huh: not every single minute can be consciously philosophically (or emotionally) charged, yet, attending to minute daily musings and being in the present is at the same time one of the most practical 'philosophical' way of living!

Send you some luv from the North!


G W G said...

Re last para... life is about the balance of the two huh! Not every single minute of life can practically be philosophical (or emotionally) charged, yet, being attentive to minute musings and living in the present is one of the most philosophical way of life!

Send you some luv from the North la.

So Spain!